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Title: HFS download speed slow for anything other than lan.
Post by: Godielvs on September 24, 2021, 12:41:01 AM
Hi. I'm using Beta RC06, but tried with newer versions too (downgraded because trying to delete something made 404 and didnt delete).
So. I have a file server with accounts and a Public folder to share things without needing to login (thats to my friends). I can send files over my lan pc to the dedicated server pc at about 700Mbps, when transfering the file HFS freezes completely, but thats no problem, it unfreezes when the file is sent/cancelled. The problem is when i try to download or upload something not in Lan. Using my phone mobile data, it downloads 3 separate files acting as one. Each one gets 2Mbps, to 6Mbps total. But when my friends try to download something everyone gets 1Mbps no matter what. Also its not constantly 1Mbps, it goes from 300Kbps to 2500Kbps very often, it fluctuates a lot, but mostly 1Mbps. My internet is 300down 150up, never going below this (seriously, its very very stable and its always 340down 170up). Tried deactivating firewall, activating DMZ, changing ports (currently using 9090, dont know if its bad or something), using and not using NoIP, changing random configs, activating and deactivating high speed handling, setting up limits (only made difference when it was lower than what my friends download), trying other versions to no avail. All my servers work great, with great latency and speed, but no HFS. Tried Filezilla too but its too hard to make it accessable from the web, and thats something i like in HFS.

What I am doing wrong and how do I fix it?
Title: Re: HFS download speed slow for anything other than lan.
Post by: danny on October 08, 2021, 04:54:24 PM
...mostly 1Mbps.... ports (currently using 9090...
Try (because 9090 is high enough to be affected by QOS.)
Try temporarily loading the throwback template (to take advantage of the settings pack) and then put back the standard template if you like. 
Disable menu setting always search for better address (there is no better address than localhost if you are port forwarding normally)

1mbit is rather severe, so, it could be either qos or it could be if the single thread is wound up to max (sticky console ui). 
To find out the difference, get a friend to download while you play with the console ui (to see if it responds reasonably). 

If the console ui responds actively while downloading then the speed problem is external to HFS (not HFS). 
Title: Re: HFS download speed slow for anything other than lan.
Post by: Godielvs on October 08, 2021, 05:38:30 PM
Told my friend to download at his school and now its constantly above 2MBps, up to 3.2Mbps at his wifi school. Hoping to when he gets home atleast stay at this speed if not better. Thank you, its way better than before. Any updates i'll post here.