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What is more important for You?

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What is more important for You, in future versions of &RQ?

File Transfer support
15 (44.1%)
Server-side Contact List support
16 (47.1%)
Other stuff
3 (8.8%)

Total Members Voted: 29

Voting closed: May 31, 2003, 05:31:27 PM

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So, for now not ServerContactList or FileTransferSupport is important...
IMHO it would be great if Rejetto'll fix the crash on exit in .17...
But even this is not the most important.
The most important thing is to continue just SOME work on &RQ...
For now as we all can see the work on this great project is FULLY stopped and there's no movement at all...
Besides another sad fact is, that all the "@developers@"  that cried so much about how cool they are, and how easily they will implement any feature, now, after publishing sources, are still keeping deep silence...
"Áàëàáîëû" - these people are so called in russian...
Thanx 4 attention :)
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well said! I'm also disappointed that no real progress has been made since the sources were published.
If you wish, I can mail you an older version of 0.17 which doesn't have the crash on exit bug.