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you can find it here

Code: [Select]

|   Announcer (&RQ plugin)    |
|                             |
|  Coded by Leonardo De Luca  |


This plugin let you play different sounds for different contacts,
when they come online.

You can use this plugin to be warned when is online the one who
you were waiting for.


Open your &RQ installation folder.
If you don't see there any "plugins" folder, then create it.
Now put all files in there.

You should now have the "announcer.dll" file and the "announcer"
folder in your "plugins" folder.

To get it working you should disable the &RQ oncoming sound.
From &RQ menu -> preferences -> events
set "event" on "oncoming"
disable the "play sound" check box
hit OK


When someone with UIN number 123456 comes online, the Announcer
plugin looks in the &RQ\plugins\announcer folder.
If it finds a file named 123456.wav, then it plays it.
If not, it plays the file default.wav (if exists).

<[ TIPS ]>

Included with this plugin you get UIN.wav
If you are waiting for 12345678 simply rename the UIN.wav
into 12345678.wav and that's it.

If you need to be warned about more than one contact, then make
several copies of UIN.wav and set the name for each contact you
are waiting for.

To disable the default sound, simply delete default.wav (or set
another name for it as nomoredefault.wav) and it won't be played
for other contacts.

All this operations can be made without restarting &RQ.

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Feat req to Leo de Luca:

Could announcer get a gui (in prefs) where wavs and uins can be configured?