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Another Template Foreshow: the Together template, that is a rich text editor

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There comes another working-in-progress template: the Together template. ;)

It's aim is to create a cooperative environment for text-editing work, both rich text document and code.

It currently have basic editing function for rich text and code, but cannot save & "together" yet.
Please wait, patiently :D

Still only a snap shot is available...

Plan & Progress:
(O) Basic loading function (No macro execution while loading)
(O) Basic editing function
(...) The ability to save files
(...) Better UI
(...) Be "together", cooperatively
(...) Advanced editing function (auto-complete, format clone etc.)
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Very cool idea. 8) This remembers me that some years ago, I wanted to adapt TiddlyWiki (specially the older 'classic' version) to HFS, but I didn't success on doing it. TiddlyWiki is a reusable non-linear personal web notebook (blog alike), which is self-contained in a single HTML file. I leave you this idea, in case you find something useful on it. ;)
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