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+   new feature
*   change
-   bug fix
AV  access violation

ver: 1.6a
- file hints: also inherited user access were shown (while the rest shown is just local)
- having folders URLs with no trailing slash, caused problems with some folder/browser pairs
- users panel: you was able to enter 2 users with same username
- sometimes DEL and CTRL+V shortcuts were lost
- port changes were not applied to the address bar
- Accept-Ranges was not sent
- URL problems with non-latin characters (thanks Pavel Rus)

ver: 1.6
+ LOGIN button (browsing)
+ support for external links in the VFS: File Menu -> "New link"
+ customizable 401 and 403 HTTP error pages
+ customizable ban page
+ faster page generation
+ Menu -> Other options -> "Use comment as realm"
+ Menu -> Other options -> "Login realm"
+ Menu -> Limits -> "Connection inactivity timeout"
+ Menu -> Encoding URL -> "Use UNICODE in HTML"
+ Menu -> Help -> "Introduction"
+ Menu -> Virtual File System -> "Reset hits"
+ Menu -> Virtual File System -> "Reset downloads"
+ Menu -> "Abort file addition"
+ Menu -> "Clear file system"
+ File Menu -> Icon
+ File Menu -> Switch to virtual
+ File Menu -> "Customized realm"
+ File Menu -> Access for users -> ALL/NONE
+ Log Menu -> "Log what"
+ Log Menu -> "Log on video"
+ Connections menu -> "Kick idle connections"
+ Users -> User properties: browse protected resources by user
+ complete downloads counting
+ "Time left"
+ more XP styled
+ added Reset button in "Set user/pass" dialog
+ support for default favicon.ico (i saw Mozilla using it)
+ new HTML template symbols: %total-bytes%, %total-kbytes%, %total-size%  (size of listed files)
+ File hint now additionally displays: users, files/folders filter, realm
* connections box: merge of "IP" and "User" fields
* connections box: "Agent" and "Start time" displayed in tip
* folders known before as "autoupdated folders" are now "real folders", others (yellow) are "virtual folders"
* "Get passworded URL" doesn't show password anymore
* new "let browse" behavior
* options saved to file by default
* "reload open VFS" by default
* username is now case insensitive
- problems sending HTTP error pages
- problems with files with corrupted timestamp
- VFS: minor redrawing problem
- "Hide tree" was not propagating to autoupdated folders
- hits were not displayed (in tips) for folders
- it is safer now during long files addition: files are locked and you can quit the program at once
- removed a useless limit on filenames
- drag&drop was restricted to labels area
- inverted ban logic was not applyed on start (but after opening options window)
- the hidden graph was reappearing after a couple of restarts
- fixed possible DoS attack
- 4GB single file limit removed
- whole drives were unsupported
- file & folder filters were not applied to subfolders
- adding files by copy&paste caused instability
- problems with non-virtual shared folders
- problems with wildcards
- other minor bugs

ver: 1.5g
+ wildcards (*,?) allowed in Bans window
+ Menu -> Virtual File System -> "List files with <hidden> attribute"
+ Menu -> Virtual File System -> "List files with <system> attribute"
+ Menu -> Virtual File System -> "List protected items only for allowed users"
+ username is shown in Log and in Connections box
+ more distinction between main tray icon and download icons
+ Log Menu -> "Font"
* moved some options here and there
* new GIF library: made by Anders Melander
- virtual sub-items of an autoupdated folder were listed also at deeper levels
- log font is wrong on some systems
- 2GB limit removed on several things (like status bar)
- problem with HEAD requests (0 bytes)

ver: 1.5f
+ Dual mode ban list: ban/allow
+ Log menu -> "Log file"
+ File Menu -> "Hide tree"
- hang on starting

ver: 1.5e
- adding an auto-updated folder can cause AV
- "speed limit" was not able to get over 10k/s

ver: 1.5d
+ Menu -> Other Options -> "Persistent connections"
- files remained blocked (open)
- prevents Windows from shutting down

ver: 1.5c
+ improved speed/cpu usage
+ Menu -> Other Options -> "Send HFS identifier"
- on some systems HFS refuses to open any port for listening
- the "no download" timeout was reset only at download start, and not downloading
- unstable while user browsing if a "speed limit" was set
- files bigger 2Gb+ were not handled
- ban was not immediate
- the check for duplicate files was case sensitive
- AV if quit occours while uploading

ver: 1.5
+ now the statusbar shows the total bytes sent
+ Menu -> Other Options -> "Users"
+ Menu -> "URL encoding"
+ Menu -> Tray Icons -> "Tray message"
+ Menu -> Other Options -> "Getright browser specific HTML"
+ Menu -> Other Options -> "Auto-save VFS on exit"
+ File Menu -> "Get passworded URL"
+ File Menu -> "Access for users"
+ File Menu -> Filters
+ File Menu -> Expand/Collapse
+ different tray icon when the server is offline
+ items can be added to an autoupdated folder
+ customizable "server full" page
+ user/pass validation on user input
+ statusbar: [not saved] appears when the VFS is edited
- you was unable to set a local address if an internet address was available
- "Hide" should not be available for the root item
- other minor fixes

ver: 1.5 rc6
+ IP address is checked every 10 seconds
+ HTML template: %item-added% is the item's addition time
+ items' downloads count is now saved to file
+ Menu -> Other Options -> "Reload on startup VFS file previously open"
+ Menu -> Other Options -> "MIME types"
+ Menu -> Other Options -> "Auto-copy URL on start"
* added standard "..." to menu
- user/pass was not saved for the root item
- non-ascii characters were not encoded in the URL

ver: 1.5 rc5
+ you can now hide the bandwidth graph
+ Connection menu -> "Pause"
+ window position is saved
+ Menu -> Other Options -> "Always on top"
+ Menu -> Tray icons -> "No tray icon for file extentions"
+ Menu -> "Auto-close"
+ switching off the server, user is asked for closing open connections
+ File Menu -> Edit
+ sorting
+ F4 switch the server on/off
+ log improved
+ customizable file-not-found page (404)
+ new template symbols: %item-modified% %item-dl-count%
+ more info on download tray icons
+ brand new html template
+ files in VFS that does not exist anymore are not listed while browsing
+ check for updates
+ browse button
+ comment is sent as message/realm to the user/password dialog (if present)
+ a padlock is displayed
+ Menu -> Limits -> "Bans"
+ Menu -> "Recent files"
+ Connection Menu -> "Ban IP address"
+ F10 shows the main menu
+ support for persistent connections (HTTP 1.1)
* moved many options to Menu -> "Other options"
* when drag&dropping a folder, the dialog for autoupdate is set foreground
- problems with url-encoding for à è ì ò ù (IE, Opera)
- problems saving a template to registry
- sometimes "check for update" was not working after a failure
- CRITICAL: directory crossing was possible on autoupdating folders
- agent was not shown for folder requests
- problems with not-found documents (404)
- solved possible DoS attack
- internal GIFs were not transparent
- password was not applied to items in autoupdated folders
- sometimes the server button was ON when the server was OFF
- sometimes AV on "Kick IP address"
- sometimes the config file was saved in the wrong folder
- fast hits cause AVs
- several minor bugs fixed

ver: 1.5 beta1
+ user/password protection
+ comments for files/folders
+ Menu -> Limits -> "Pause streaming"
+ hidden items in VFS are painted in italic

ver: 1.4 beta2
+ download tray icons, now % filling
+ improved bandwidth graph
+ now you can publish files via copy&paste
+ now you can publish files via "Add files" and "Add Folder"
+ Menu -> Weblinks

ver: 1.4 beta1
+ Menu -> Limits -> "Speed limit"
+ Menu -> Limits -> "Max connections", "Max connections for single address"
+ Menu -> Save options -> "Auto-save options on exit"
+ speed improvement, over 3Mb/s on my Duron@1300
+ smarter tray refresh (less CPU)
- hiding a file, adjacent one was hidden too

ver: 1.3 beta8
- custom ip was never selected on start

ver: 1.3 beta7
+ Menu -> "Use system icons"
+ Menu -> "Official website"
+ Menu -> Tray icons -> "Show main tray icon"
* new tray icon
- invalid mime-type was sent for GIF files
- individual tray icons for downloads were not working

ver: 1.3 beta6
- forgot to encode blank-spaces in clipboard

ver: 1.3 beta5
+ "Custom ip", now you can use
- autoupdate folders was not applying the "Folders before" setting
- there were problems with url-encoding for blank-space, ° and "
- some crashes may have been fixed

ver: 1.3 beta4
+ added GIF support for internal images (requires JVCL library)
* brand new html template
- kick all connections was not working
- html folder pages were not served for folders with 1 single item, and hidden

ver: 1.3 beta3
+ added CRC checking to VFS files

ver: 1.3 beta2
+ check for same filename in same folder
* new icons
- %folder% in template was not url-decoded
- problems with URLs encoding

ver: 1.3 beta1
+ Autoupdate folders
+ "Leave disconnected connections" in connections menu
+ smarter "agent" colum
+ Bandwidth graph
* Loading a project the tree is not expanded
- Problems with special characters
- While editing the filename, Delete key deletes the file
- "Tray icon for each download" was not saved
- Renaming a virtual folder was not applied on the web

ver: 1.2
+ "Tray icon for each download" in main menu
+ Drastic speed up on fast downloads (LAN)
- Closing HFS with open connections causes AV
- Fast hits cause AV

ver: 1.1
+ "agent" column for connections
+ colored log
- StarDownloader was not recognizing resume feature
- On fast downloads (LAN), information on window was not updated
- Resume was not always working correctly

ver: 1.0
first public release