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You're doing an EXCELENT job with HFS, I'm already using 2.0 BETA 34 and so far I found no bugs.

I just want to suggest you one thing.
I know HFS is a http FILE server, but it works very well as a normal http server for many users who don't need special features on his/her server. What I thought was for you to create PHP and ASP server support for HFS so that the common user could create PHP or ASP programmed pages working correctly on it. I'm not sure if it already works fine or not if we use them but I guess not, though we can already insert MIME type setting for those file types.


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it is already in the to-do list
but it may take a long time to see it


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Well... it seems that i'll have to use Apache... at least untill you add PHP to HFS... Thanks anyway :)

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same here I hope HFS could run php soon, since its is a great software, which I could use it as a http website and able to support php soon would be great.

rejetto thanks for creating something really good to use take your time to build a perfect nice php configurations :lol:



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Well, I started using Apache and I 've already understood how it works, and it's very simple to use (or it's just me that easily learns anything about computers), but I think that a the next version of HFS should have support for PHP because HFS is a program that is quickly configured by it's GUI and with it anyone can quickly share files through HTTP protocol, and if I need to go somewhere and have to share a file into the internet, it's a program like HFS that I'd use because simply by drag-dropping files to the shared file list the files are automatically shared, so it's quicker that setting an Apache server from nothing. Also, Apache needs registry changes and runs as a windows service so, for permanent use it's more usefull as is uses less memory and CPU usage than HFS (because of the HFS's GUI), but on public computers, most times it's not possible to make any change in windows registry (not even dreaming on setting a windows service, though it's also about the registry), and so only with HFS it would be possible to share files because (if wanted) it doesn't use windows registry.

I just wanted to make clear that, though I'm now using Apache (as I said above), HFS is a very good program, and I changed to Apache because HFS doesn't support PHP (yet), so you'd maybe hurry the PHP/ASP support for HFS and make it a even better program.