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i saw that compressing the html generated using zlib, the size is reduced to 50% (for short pages) or to 10% (for long pages).
this is a very interesting technology, and i want HFS to support it.

anyway, i saw that there are possible problems with compatibility.
i'm using the deflate method, because it is integrated in delphi libs, but i'm using deflate also for  browsers asking for gzip.
gzip method is, for what i read, just deflate+header.
what i'm doing is to reply deflate to those who are asking for gzip, and this can be unfair.
why am i doing it?
because ATM only deflate is available to me, and IE claims to support only gzip, while it is supporting deflate replies.
it is working, and it reasonable, since a browser who support gzip should easily support deflate (being it a subset, someway).

anyway, i tested it with mozilla, opera and IE (last releases).
it is put as an option, so if you meet problems, just turn it off. but please, let me know if you do that.
i would like to know what browsers work and what do not.

compression will be available since 2.0 alpha7 (not uploaded yet)