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HFS wont be faster than 1MB/s.

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I have no limits and when I download using the internal IP it works just fine. I disabled Prevent Leeching also cuz it seems to have helped with some friends of mine. Just tested and it seems my friend and myself using mobile data are limited to close to 1000kbps, sometimes going to 400kbps and 2000kbps. I have a 300Mbps download  and 150mbps upload internet and never saw going below this everytime i tested it. One friend of mine tried and got aroumd 15-25mbps, other friend of mine got 10mbps with dips to 4mbps, then me using mobile data and my friend using 100mbps up and down coudnt get consistently better than 1100kbps. We dont have a profile nor group limiting download speeds, all the folders behave the same, no difference when using SSD nor HDD to host the file. Also upload and download are behaving like this. No limit set, little difference whem activating fast internet handling, no difference activating or not the firewall, the cable is cat5e, and as far as ive tested, it has no problems achieving max speed. No bad blocks on the drive hosting. My other friend tried with a phone via wifi and he got 15-25Mbps. What can I do. My server have: R5 1600 overclocked to 4Ghz, 16GBs of 2666mhz OCed to 3000mhz, 240GBs SSD as boot drive runnijg windows 10 lastest version and one HDD 1TB as the host drive. Also when I downloaded using another pc but on the same network it freezes my HFS, jumps the cpu usage to 16% and downloads at about 540mbps

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As far as I know, HFS macro execution relies on client side i.e. the window/UI code cycle. That means HFS page generation has a peak.
Also, HFS is developed in Delphi Pascal, a seems old-fashioned language that mainly focus on Windows desktop development, not so optimized for servers.

Since you've ensured all other possible reasons did not cause this, about solutions to HFS itself, I have almost no ideas...  :'(

But, Try PHFS, it is faster than HFS in file transferring.
If any problems with that, post again, we will handle them. ;)

P.S. I'm not willing to say PHFS everywhere, which will be considered annoying... I just hope it will be useful under some conditions. :D
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