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Needed Help on the [newfile] coding...

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I'm using the terayon template and i was wondering if anyone can teach me how to insert the [newfile] coding into the terayon template. i'm not good in HTML coding. What should i add in order to get the NEW symbol for the new files that i just inserted into the HFS. i did tried to use codings from other template and inserted it into my terayon template but it does not work. Hope anyone here is kind enough to help me. Thanks in advance.   :)

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just have a look on the default template and the wiki (, and you can see how he is working, very easy.

%new% is replaced by the content of section [newfile]

you can so use the macro {.if|{.get|is new.}|NEW.}

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The Terayon template has this feature built-in, but this feature is disabled by default by HFS.

To enable this feature, go to Menu -> Virtual File System -> Flag files added recently. Enter a value in minutes for long you want a file to keep the 'NEW' flag.


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thanks a lot for that info. i didn't know it was there since i used that template. cool... Thank you very much guys...  :D