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Using the same HFS system with mutiple windows users

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Hi Everyone! I would like to use the same HFS system (shares,users, so...) but if I start the HFS in another user, that starts a new one with empty "database". I know, I can save the "File System" and load it to another HFS but how can I sync them automatically. I mean if  some of users add a file to HFS, I would like to see it from another user too... Any Idea? Thank you for your answers.

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Hi! and welcome to the forum... :)

About your question, it would be great if you can provide more information of your system, and about your "multiple Windows users". But I would assume those users are on the same PC (and not on your LAN) and you run one instance of HFS at time (I mean, not running multiple instances of HFS at the same time).

Well, try this:
1. Press F5 to switch to Expert mode.
2. Then go to Menu > Save options > to file.
3. Move your HFS folder (or where you have HFS.exe) to C:\HFS\

And that should work for all the users on the same PC.
Try that and say us if that worked for you.


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if both users open the same vfs file, they will see the same stuff.
of course both users must have access to that file, so put it in a common place.