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Advantages & Disadvantages of a Cheap Laser Distance Meter

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Advantages & Disadvantages of a Cheap Laser Distance Meter

Several famous and old brands on the market sell quality laser measures for consumers. However, an inexpensive model can work the same as the most accurate laser measuring tool. Remember that the companies provide several choices of laser measures for domestic and commercial users. These include both indoor and outdoor laser range finders.

We selected the AmazonCommercial Laser 80m Distance Meter as an inexpensive tool. The high quality laser distance measure for outdoors contains numerous unique and inspiring features that make it stand apart from many top-class laser meters. You can decide about purchasing this outdoor laser measure after viewing its advantages and limitations here below.

Type of Laser Beam

The device contains a class II laser. This laser beam will provide a radiant power of 0.95mW at a distance of 1 meter.

Indoor or Outdoor

The AmazonCommercial laser distance meter is suitable for both indoor and outdoor uses. It has several features that allow you to measure distance outdoors effortlessly. The laser measure for outdoor use can calculate a maximum space of 80 meters. It is more than many outdoor devices.

Continuous Mode

A helpful outdoor feature in this device is the presence of continuous mode. This feature allows the user to measure any place while changing his positions. After setting a target in the best outdoor laser measure , you can walk towards or against this target, and the device will change the measurement according to your movement.

Types of Measurements

You can get several types of measurements with this device. Like other laser meters, it will provide the area and volume of your required distance. Along with that, you can also find addition, subtraction, and minimum and maximum distance from the target.

Measuring Height

Another feature of the device is measuring the height from a distance. For this purpose, you need to take three quick measurements. As a result, this best outdoor laser measure will automatically calculate the height of your required ceiling.

Minimum and Maximum Distance

We have already talked about the device’s feature of measuring minimum and maximum distance from a target. The process of completing this task is simple. For getting the highest measurement, you will operate the device from a fixed point and measure the distance to the corner. For covering minimum space, you need to stand in a fixed position and locate the distance to the wall.


Like every other laser measure, the AmazonCommercial laser measure is not error-free and has few limitations. This information will help you decide What is The Best Outdoor Laser Measure For Construction? Top Laser Measure Reviews also reveal this answer. The design of this tool is suitable for both indoor and outdoor. However, its performance slightly reduces in the case of bright sunshine. In this case, you may need to take a few extra measures for optimum performance. This device is also not easy for those using Leica and Bosch. They need some time to get used to its functioning.


AmazonCommercial is not famous among laser measure brands like Bosch and Leica, but it has a handy device for its users. You will get many functions necessary for better performance indoors and outside. It is slightly complex to use and may not perform best under bright sunshine. However, it is inexpensive and performs well in most situations.
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