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macro for ip range

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Is there a way to use a macro for a ip range like, ?
Read the forum macro section and the wiki. Tried to modify some examples I
found for ip's with no luck. Not having much luck understanding macros.
I need it to work as:
if in this ip range then display this [section] but if not, display nothing.


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{{if |{{match|127.*;10.*;192.168.*|%ip%}}| {{$section}} }} Is what i use for specific addresses.

If you had read the Wiki you would have seen this for IP ranges.

match address | A | B
    just like the macro match, but the mask supports ip ranges like

Soo... something like this I would assume.
{{if |{{match address||%ip%}}| {{$section1}} | {{$section2}} }}
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Thanks T.S.G.
Went back and looked at the wiki, don't know how I overlooked it.
Anyway, it worked.
Thanks again.