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HFS 2.2d - problem clicking "real folder" links in Firefox

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I have been using v2.2d.  I noticed something very strange.  When I try to click a link that's created as "real folder" it will not open in Firefox.

You can see an example at my site:

Try to click on the "videos" folder and, at least when I try, they don't open in Firefox, but they open just fine in Internet Explorer.  Also,  I can get to the folder easily in Firefox by simply going directly to the follder

Is anyone else having this problem????

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Your page works well with firefox ( from outside.

As HFS creates a page with any type of folder, what a browser 'sees' is only a html-page, there is no diference for him beetween content of links, real or virtual folders.

Very strange problem ... Do you use a actual version of firefox ?

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