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Hfs.exe - Maulware via PUP

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Our AV - Crowdstike is alerting and quarantining hfs.exe.

Falcon Detection Method
Tactic & technique
Malware via PUP
Technique ID
Specific to this detection
This file is classified as Adware/PUP based on its SHA256 hash.

Also the exe does not have a digital signature.

Any thoughts?

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Hi, if you have it downloaded from a ‘trusted source’ (from here or here), you can rest assured it is a ‘false positive’. About the digital signature, ‘code signing’ is expensive (not free, even for open source projects).
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Yup, what Leo said, plus bad actors have abused HFS for nefarious purposes (much like the SysInternals and NirSoft utilities) in the past because of its ability to serve up and receive files.


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adware: there's no ad in HFS
PUP: "potentially undesired program", if you are willing to use it it's not undesired, am i right? 🙃