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Webd, similar to HFS, only 90KB

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May I ask why you don't have enough free time?
The answer is simple: life is very uneven where I live, and it can be tough for those who are not lucky to have a great job. Having 2 or more jobs to survive is something normal here, that's why there is no free time. And programming isn't my source of income (I've studied programming many years ago, but in the end I dedicated myself to something else). Now I have a hobbyist approach to programming.

By the way, even replying messages like this, here on this forum, consumes too much of my free spare time. That's why I don't like chit-chatting about trivial matters, but only contributing to things that are useful to others. Please keep it that way. It's best that we keep this forum thread open, so that others can leave their opinion about your program (Webd) in the future, instead of continuing to undermine it with personal conversations, and it would be great if you could contribute in any way to the progress of HFS. :)

It's time for me to get back to work,
until next time, goodbye...

HFS in Spanish (HFS en Español) / How to compile HFS (Tutorial)
» Currently taking a break, until HFS v2.4 get his stable version.

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It's time for me to get back to work,
until next time, goodbye...
Take care, and be healthy.

Did you got the message I sent to you. I'm not sure if this forum's messages is working.  ;D