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everything works..BUT how do u manage file locally over lan (ip mismatch in URL)

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1st post...
Hi to everyone & thanks for pushing this great piece of open source software!

 i'll try to keep it short:

the Network setup:
Router from ISP with external Wan IP XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX
behind of it PFsense Box (dhcp/firewall/etc.)
i can upload & download successfully, also from outside/mobile client(android)
port forwarding works fine.(although self test is negativ, not yet sure why)

my HFS server is on my local lan on
but the machine i access iNet from is

Now i am wondering how do you get to the correct "outside" URL over the local http lan side? (to paste in forums)

i can connect via but when i copy the link obviously the url will contain the local ip and not the XXX.wan ip??!!


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instruct HFS to get the "external address" (that is, the WAN ip),
then it will give you the correct address by default.

To get that address to work correctly you'll have to adequately configure your router (and any other machine that's in between).