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&RQ Still the auto-hide bug :(

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Hi Rejetto! is very, very, good.. congratulations!
In each new version, it's getting better and better... :^^:

But I'm sad... I'm not totally happy because the "auto-hide + always on top" bug was not solved yet  :cry2:

You know... when we set "auto-hide", the contact list does not REALLY AUTO-hides himself!  :(
We must pass the mouse over it, and THEN it auto-hides...

Well... At least, this is what happens here, on my WinXP.. I don't know if everybody has the same problem.. (?)

AND.... when we set auto-hide + always on top, we get another "face" of this bug...

In this case, when we open (for example) the Preferences window... the Contact List remains there, on top of all the other windows (including the Preferences window) and inactive!
AND... it REALLY does not hide, in any way! Not even passing the mouse over, when the Preferences window is active!

Hope You solve this problem as soon as possible!  :D


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please, notice that what you are using is an UNreleased version

i'm happy there are users like you doing it, because this let me test the version before releasing it without feeling morally responsible about it :roll:

when the will be released will contain several changes