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I've released this plugin... maybe useful for plugin's developers:

by, TC

---- docfile:
2003/02/06 (yyyy/mm/dd)
&RQApi ver. 4 compliant
Tested on: &RQ
&RQ required: with Api ver. 2 support

APITracer is a simple plugin that help &RQ plugin's developers to track events or messages on the channel &RQ -> plugin. When the plugin APITracer is active, it traces API activity into APITracer.log file (written on the &RQ folder - always edited in append mode), writing some data (useful and useless).

Example of APITracer.log:

#start file example
at: Thu Feb 06 12:26:59 2003

topic: PM_EVENT (3)

communication lenght: 2 byte
communication lenght included first 4 byte: 6 byte

Data dump (6 byte):
pos | dec | char
dec | val | val
000 | 002 |
001 | 000 |
002 | 000 |
004 | 003 |
005 | 003 |

#end file example

All right? Maybe not :)
So, APITracer, wen active, write this file with info on the topic and what fields of buffer (pos 4 and 5), and dump the buffer with position (decimal - first colum), decimal value of byte (2^ col) and the char value of the byte (last col).

When you want to see what &RQ send to plugin, when, for example, a message is got, start APITracer then use your &RQ... then stop APITracer (if you don't stop it, you will got a 100Gb log file on your harddisk :) ) and see what happen at buffer level.

Fore more info please refer to &RQ developers forum, or my email ( At this release there are not any webpage of this small project on my website (

Note on the source:
This plugin is written in C and compiled with LCC/Win32. If someone want the source code of this dll, contact me :)

Note on the license:
Obviusly this is a freeware software: send it to all your friends, parents, pets and other applicable :)

Enjoy with &RQ, TC <>
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