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R&Q 1030 by Rapid

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R&Q 1030 by Rapid

Download archive
Download install

Change list:

*search by country and age
*work with multiple monitors
*default theme
*many different bugs :)

*AIM nicks and work whith AIM
*invisible check by method 2 (set in preferenses)
*support avatars! (only show for the present) (set in preferenses)
*xTraz like ICQ 5
*ICQ server select (set in preferenses)
*2 new statuses: Evil and Depression
*one click in tray icon (set in preferenses)
and other :)

official site R&Q (RnQ):


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Sorry, i'm forget.
You just need to delete lng and txt files from R&Q directory for English menus.

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Invisible check has false positives. All offline users are shown as invisible using "method 2". The old method doesn't work at all.