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How reading away messages?

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I'm a German student and I'm loving &RQ. i downloaded one of the newest versions (&RQ black rat and and I wonder if i am too silly or if there's a bug, because i dont know how you can read other away msgs. i dont find the button for it. can you help me??



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Hello Timo,

There is a bug in &RQ which thinks some clients do not support auto messages (namely ICQ Lite), when they in fact do. This causes &RQ to hide the "read auto message" menu item for a contact. This menu item can always be reached if you hold down shift while right clicking the contact.


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hey thank you

im using &RQ black rat, i downloaded it yesterday.. but there are some problems.. the usual away-reading-problem (it doesnt work with shift, just in >&RQ 9.6.9) and after every message, there is a signature "&RQ Black Rat IM"
how can i delete it?


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i gave a link to this topic to ghost dream (the author of black rat)