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Rawr & Live 3 Templates Needs More Updates

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Rawr & Live 3 are the 2 best templates hands down they both need a decent ammount of work there many bugs & stuff needs to be added so bad.  Since these 2 templates are updated once a yr my self and other none coders will have to wait till clean good running versions come out.  I think it is time yall recuite 3 or 4 people to do testing & make change to these 2 templates so there can be 3 to 4 updates a yr.  

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The older templates are being stabilised next update. But I am not adding any new features to them, they are too old now.

I replied to your post about Live 3.

We have got other people on the team, but they are just as busy, rejetto, foggy and flynsarmy. We can't spread ourselves too thin otherwise we'll lose the quality. The updates will come, when they are done. I updated RAWR, ToG and Terayon a few times last year, Live was just so well made initially that it never needed a bug fix release. Just updates.

Live 3 is the template I am focusing on for now, until I can be bothered to work on a new one. That is something I would like to see though. Everyone that makes a new template here keeps copying our templates. No one is writing them from the ground up. That's when the magic happens.
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