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Massive amounts of users registering accounts

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Hi Rejetto, on the last 3 days, I've noticed (on different moments of the day), that there are many users registering accounts (most of them must be 'bots' and not real humans). I've noticed, seeing the 'Who's Online' page, that there are too many lines saying 'Registering for an account on the forum'. Although you could have a way to prune many of those inactive/fake accounts, I would like to report this to you, to see if you can do something to stop those bots (and avoid those bots overload the forum database with those fake registrations). Perhaps you already know this, but I'm commenting this just in case.

Take care, and I hope you are well (with those extremely hot temperatures, currently 37º on Rome). Here, on Argentina we are on winter, and currently have very low temperatures (only 3º on the morning). Have a nice Sunday...

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hi Leo, thanks for warning me, I didn't see that.
I'll see what I can do.
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Hi guys

there are indeed periods when there is an upsurge in the creation of unwanted accounts (normally about thirty per day) with peaks beyond 200 per day, a large majority is blocked by the antispam module but some manage to pass through when they have not been registered in the Stop Forum Spam database. Daily I report non-compliant profiles which causes them to be classified as unwanted until the Boss purges the list, it's a way for me to continue to participate on the forum after a long cooperation on development of HFS under Delphi to the use of javascript.

The forum would need to  to increase security against bots by a more complex registration system with catpcha imposing double verification either by using a HoneyPot and Time measuring, or a logical or mathematical textual test.

Usually when new subscribers fill out their signature or Personal Text, including promotional web links before posting a single message, it's a bad sign.

Some temporary domain names are being misused, ban filtering of these domains would most certainly reduce this influx of registrations every minute

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