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Why file system cleared?

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Server work many years. Today i found clean file system (more precisely, there was one file instead of many). I have backup, but what happened? In log i don't found anything

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I had a similar situation at the end of May. Perhaps this is a hacker attack. In my case, a complex virtual file system was damaged. Failed to restore. Now I'm switching to real folders in HFS, it's more reliable.
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Same, and my backup got overwritten by autosave :(

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To having a clue of why this happens, it would be nice if you comment this info (useful in any bug/error/issue report):
- What HFS version are you using?
- What Operating System are you using?
- Do you have any Antivirus or File Cleaners that could delete .vfs files?

Same, and my backup got overwritten by autosave :(
This gives me an idea, that HFS could have 'by-default' a daily backup, based on date (with a configurable option to set how many days would you like to keep a VFS backup), with file name using this scheme:
Code: [Select]
(Where '20211004' is today 2021-10-04)
By having that option, if something goes wrong, you could manually restore a backup from some days ago.

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In addition to Leo's good backup idea...

You could try the WatchCat script. 
If you hfs menu > save settings > to file
then the watchcat script will backup and then roll back to working settings if an error occurs while HFS is running
see that copy command (one in startup for backup and one in error for rollback) and notice that it could be expanded to first back up the vfs and then utilize the backup on the fly if errors occurred. 

Those features of the watchcat2 script are for the purpose of 'locking down' working condition.  So, you'd first get HFS running as you like. . . and afterwards start up the watchcat script to make HFS stay put. 

For example (watchcat edited to include vfs backup and restore):
Code: [Select]
@echo off
copy hfs.ini hfsini.bak /y
copy myvfs.vfs myvfs.bak /y
@echo       /\     /\
@echo      {  '''''  }
@echo     _{_ O   O _}_
@echo WatchCat is now running
timeout /t 30 > nul
VER > nul
wget --output-document=nul --quiet --wait=10 --tries=3
@echo !
@echo HFS did not respond.
@echo Exiting...
date /T
time /T
TASKKILL /IM hfs.exe /F > nul
timeout /t 3 > nul
@echo ------------------------
copy myvfs.bak myvfs.vfs /y >nul
copy hfsini.bak hfs.ini /y > nul
timeout /t 2 > nul
@echo Starting HFS
start "" "hfs.exe" -c start-minimized=yes -c active=yes
if not port 80, be sure to put the actual port number
if not myvfs.vfs, be sure to use the actual file name
wget is in the zip file:

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