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Sorry i have a question about multiple downloads

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not much i can do , even with a warning, i was writing to a client, not the one hosting a server... :(
But it's me the client who took to much apparently
Yes, it was actually a 'shared' fault. The server owner should have the TAR/Archive feature disabled or the client should ask if is allowed to pack and download all the files, both cases are impractical. So, this is something it would be great if rejetto add to HFS by default, a simple script/macro which calculates if the free space is enough to allow someone to use the TAR/Archive feature. If space is too low, then TAR/Archive is automatically disabled (or an error is shown). I hope he reads this. :)

the person is a russian, no newegg there i think
That's what I thought, but according to Google, is the leading retail site in Russia, but the prices must be higher. If you care too about him (and you can afford), I guess he will continue being your friend if you send him a HDD as gift. :P

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Remember, there is no cloud. It's just someone else's computer!

No matter what the server, if you make a 450 GB copy, it needs to go somewhere.

(As several suggested, using a downloader program would scan for a list of all the files on the server, and then would request them all one by one for download, so there would be no server-side copy. The "Archive" feature zips all the individual files into one large single file, and then downloads that one file, thus it does require a copy on the server.)