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My version of Live 3.0.1

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Hey guys,
I've remasterd the Live template for my desires. The design is based on my w7 machine (background, windows icons).
I've changed the icons and added icons for word, excel, powerpoint, exe, images, sound files, video files, text files, default files, archives, msi, iso and mdf file, a setting icon and pdf.
Used for most of them.

Changed the navigation buttons with some this set:

If some buttons are disabled, they are not shown (.off) - buttons like Upload, Delete, Archive/Download - but anyone can see that in the buttons-sprite there already is a disabled version for the icons (I didn't really knew what I needed before creating them).

I would like to clarify some things:
- You guys can do with this whatever you like, I really do not care. I don't need a mention if there's gonna be a re-release of this (maybe being included in the next Live template update? :P) or anything like that. The awesome part is the back-end, and the credit goes to RAWR Design.
- I'm not willing to update this template or offer support (of course, I will do that if someone needs it, but this template was build because I had some spare time in my work hours so I won't promise anything)
- There are some elements included in the template files and not used (see media.png icon and the ".off" version of the nav buttons)

You need to replace Live-3.0.1.tpl also (I know, sucks), but I wanted to use PNG files and I've also added some icons to known extensions, thus the editing.

Works on latest Firefox, Chrome/Safari. Uses a shitload of box-shadow (some old browsers do not support this and you will probably get a really ugly template).

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Very cool version you've got there!
I think I'll use it but the main problem is there is no rename and create folder options.I have found theme with these options but it's no where cool as that and i can't modify it by myself...
If anybody can add them i'll be greathfull!

Mainly as simple as possible - 1 button making a folder in the current folder(if u can upload) even i don't want to as for name and rename option to be able to rename the newly created folders.For example the created folder can be "New folder" and then u press rename.

Very very simple and would be great.
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Nice template!! I'm new to HFS and this makes my file server look great.  I do have one problem though.  There doesn't seem to be an upload button or option with your template the way it was downloaded.  How can I enable upload/modify/delete buttons in the template??