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Bug reports / HFS upload-error in the path of access
« on: May 06, 2008, 02:08:45 PM »
Salut chers amis :)

If this french message is called in that way on an english OS, i have no idea. Does anybody know about this script-error-message popping up while people upload to my HFS2.2d152 ?

This does not occurr while somebody downloads from my server.

To stop this error-message, i have put it into my pop-up-killer ClickOff 1.82 - deutsch + english , not the best, but one solution.

XP pro french SP2a running here.

HFS ~ HTTP File Server / Backup, and this always
« on: March 03, 2008, 06:48:59 PM »
Salut chers amis :)
rejetto - Backup, always - Please, remember to backup your options and file system, especially if you use beta versions.
Could not answer there, and do it here.

Indeed, it is very important and useful to backup the hfs.vfs, hfs.ini and hfs.tpl, means to save a double of them in another harddive than that one with the operating system, and everyone in a special folder called for example "20080303lun0657" containing date and hour, as sometimes i create new files several times a day. So i have to do since version hfs2.2a124.

I use only stable versions, but suddenly after a Windows reboot the system tells me by this popup-window that hfs.ini and hfs.tpl have been evaporated: they aren't simply there any longer: C:\Program Files does not contain any longer hfs.ini and hfs.tpl and HFS has now standard options again. In most of cases the latest hfs.vfs is still there, but not always.  ???

Well, concerning the question "Do you want HFS in your shell context menu?" i say always "NO" (as i have put a shortcut of hfs.exe into the folder Documents and Settings\Administrateur\SendTo, called "- HFS" to make it appear in the first line of "SendTo"), i close HFS, copy last hfs.ini and hfs.tpl back into C:\Program Files\HFS and restart HFS. Done.

I have no idea why and how hfs.ini and hfs.tpl are deleted. This does not happen very often, just one time a week around. Very strange.  ???

HFS ~ HTTP File Server / No longer logging any pics of the templates
« on: September 18, 2007, 02:30:13 AM »
Great Rejetto!

This option "Advanced - Don't log" is SUPER !! I use it for my pics shown on my server-website.

Formerly - i told you of once there may be one year ago - all the pics i'm showing on my website have been logged, they have given an awful big logfile, and i had difficulties to find the logs i was interested of >:(

With the new function

my pics in the folder "images" aren't logged any longer and the logfile keeps small as at the time when i hadn't yet pics on my website.

I'm very pleased now :)

Maybe you want to have a look on ? Especially the last panorama photo (of two) all below there, i'm proud of.

HFS ~ HTTP File Server / Rephrasing update option
« on: September 01, 2007, 01:48:49 PM »
Since a while i use this setting

Now with build 126 and this setting i'm invited to use unstable versions whereas i do not want to test them. Going back to build 124.  >:(

Bug reports / problem with colors in progress bar
« on: January 12, 2007, 03:43:54 AM »
Hello Rejetto,
i do not know why, but since last versions the grey colour (showing the progress) behind that percentage-number is getting darker and darker so that i have difficulties to read how many % of a file have been sent or received. Would it be possible to make it lighter? I have no idea how to make it lighter here in my Windows2000-settings.

Bug reports / Self Test
« on: June 01, 2006, 05:39:33 PM »
Since version 2.0 ("stable") up to 2.1beta9 ("untested") i get this message when checking if my server works:
"The test failed: server does not answer.
You are behind a router.
Ensure it is configured to forward port 7982 to your computer.
Port 7982 is forwarded on my computer.
Then i ask my friends and they tell me that my server works.

Disturbing "Requested Get / Fully downloaded" for pictures

I installed a new template with 4 animated gifs and 1 jpg, and these five pictures are well showing and four are moving. But if somebody enters now on my server all these five pictures are downloaded automatically, which is very disturbing as it creates a huge logfile. This is coming for every folder where people are going:

2006-05-07 19:40:00 Requested GET /
2006-05-07 19:40:00 Requested GET /favicon.ico
2006-05-07 19:40:01 Requested GET /images/francais.gif
2006-05-07 19:40:01 Requested GET /images/italiano.gif
2006-05-07 19:40:01 Requested GET /images/deutsch.gif
2006-05-07 19:40:01 Fully downloaded - 7,49 KB @ 50 KB/s
2006-05-07 19:40:01 Requested GET /images/british.gif
2006-05-07 19:40:01 Fully downloaded - 7,65 KB @ 32 KB/s
2006-05-07 19:40:01 Fully downloaded - 6,41 KB @ 27 KB/s
2006-05-07 19:40:01 Fully downloaded - 9,46 KB @ 31 KB/s
2006-05-07 19:40:02 Requested GET /images/évolution.jpg
2006-05-07 19:40:02 Fully downloaded - 55,53 KB @ 1137 KB/s

Those pictures are placed in a hidden folder called “images” (Let download, Hide, Hide tree), everyone is set to “Let download, Hide”. If I disable “Let download” the pictures are no longer displayed.
(The other folders are set to “Let Browse, Let download”.)

I want to display these pictures but I do not want to have those lines “Requested GET / Fully downloaded” for them. What can I do?

Salut mes amis!
Maybe you know it already..

For not showing off to other downloaders all the files you received from other uploaders, you may install “Download mover 1.1” from >>
282 kb
This program checks one or more folders at regular intervals for new files and moves this files to other directories and is freeware. Further informations are (in english language) in the readme.txt in the archives.
Better disable “show file moved message” and “show error message”, ifnot it would show file moved messages and illogical error messages.
I recommend you to look if your changes in the settings are executed by the program after having mimimized to the taskbar: go to Program Files\Download Mover 1.1\DLMov.ini and control the settings there (1 means ON, 0 means OFF), go to File and click Save.
The position “interval to check (in seconds)” in the menu should be set to “1”, means in DLMov.ini “interval=1”, so that other people cannot download those files which you have received few time before, and to set “showmessage=0” and “showerrormessage=0”. can help you for translations: [  ] Web page: Enter the Web address of the page you wish to translate

For sending links directly from your Winamp-playlist to your HFS-server, you may install “Explorer Context Menu”:
53 kb >>
Sure you have to create a link from the hfs.exe, cut and paste it into the folder Documents and Settings\Administrator\SendTo. The virtuel link of the file will show under “Virtual File System” in that folder which has been marked before. If you want to have the link in the root folder above, then first mark the line with the house-slash-symbol in the first line, before sending the link. For being sure that this link will remain there after the next Windows-reboot, you have to go to “Menu – Save file system”, mark your actual .vfs and click on “Save”. You will be asked “.vfs exists already. Would you like to replace it?” Click YES.
Also checkmark in Expert mode: Menu - Start/Exit - Only 1 instance, ifnot your HFS creates a new session with a new portnumber for every file you are sending from your Winamp-Playlist to your HFS.

I found another one to be used with HFS and Winamp-playlist: >>
Drag n drop from Playlist Editor
by Jonas Sandman
117 kb
Drag 'n drop from Playlist Editor allows drag 'n drop events from the Playlist Editor to any other program in Windows. This can be useful for copying to a specific folder, adding files for burning or really any other time you need to easily transfer your list of files to another place.   
The plugin's name says it all. If you want to drag and drop files from the Winamp playlist to where you want them then this will give you a few options on how you can do this.

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