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HFS ~ HTTP File Server / Log encoding and multiply files upload problems
« on: November 13, 2017, 05:36:30 PM »
Hello. Thank for HFS! It is really good and very powerfiull software.

I have a few questions about HFS settings. I could'n't find answers via google or wiki (FAQ).

1) Please let me know, where can I set log encoding? In my current configuration of HFS I write log (upload / download actions with timestamps) in file, but russians symbols of real folder are abracadabra in log. I received this error only in ubuntu server 16.04 (with winehq 2.4 staging).

2) And the second question about multiply upload files to HFS. Sometimes (not every time) I receive "connection reset error" in browser in process of uploading files. I tried to upload files to address localhost:8080 from local drive and get error. When I uploaded files via local network address, somethimes I received info about invalid packets in my router where connection reset error. I tested this on two versions of ubuntu - desktop and server version with winehq 2.4.

What do you think about these issues? I tested two versions of HFS - 2.3i and 2.3k.

Thank you. Regards, Mar.

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