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If someone need the fantastic Throwback template with these little changes:
a) put some headers to try to obfuscate the site from google's bot and similar
b) Put the Login-Text near the "sign-in"-button (i think its more readable)
c) Modified the HTTP FS <marquee> with my own useful site (i use Emby as media server, so i put the link to it)
c bis) search "yoursite" to modify
d) Added a line in [no files] section (that is active when there are no accessible file in directory, in my case when nobody is logged too) that do the refresh on page only if in the url name there is "recursive" word that it's in the address every time u do a search. The nice thing is that if your search is TRUE, u automatically will be out [no files] section, so the refresh script will not start :D

I hope could be useful for someone :)

Ok, i think i'm really near to my objective :D
I found the line that causes page-refresh, now i wanna that this line (better to say script) is executed only if i'm not in a Specific Page. This is the code i have, i didnt understand really good if statements in this tpl language, what i can modify? (Really thanks in every case!!)
Code: [Select]
{.if|{.%connections% < 50.}|{:<table class="lil" width="100%" bgcolor="#CCCCCC"><tr style="font-size:7pt">
<td align="left"><form class=hide name=searchForm method=GET action="javascript:searchQuery()"><input style="padding:0;border:1;height:18px;background-color:#F5FDF6" placeholder="Search files" type=input name=query size=23 maxlength=32><input style="padding:0,1,0,1;border:0;height:21px;vertical-align:-0.8px;" type=submit name=searchBtn value="&#128269;"><input type=hidden name=choice value="file"><input type=hidden name=choice value="folder"><input type=hidden name=choice value="both" checked=1><input type=hidden name=recursive checked=1><input type=hidden name=root value="root"><input type=hidden name=root value="current" checked=1></form></td>
<td align="right"><div style="padding:0px;float:right;height:14pt"><nobr><a href="%encoded-folder%~upload" class=inbtn><b><font color="green">&#8679;&nbsp;Upload Files</font></b></a></nobr></div></td></tr></table>{.if|{.get|can upload.}|{:<marquee scrolldelay="100"><a id="mar" href="" target="_blank">StepFlix Server</a></marquee>:}.}:}.}
if(window.location.href != "") {<script>setTimeout(function () {window.location.href= '../'; }, 2000);</script>}

Ok i did the trick but i dont' know it is the better way. I've added this line into the [nofiles] section, that the page has to refresh on the latest good dirrectory.
Code: [Select]
{.if|{.match|*recursive*|%url%.}|<script>setTimeout(function () {window.location.href= '../'; }, 2000);</script>.}

Thank you very much! I found the way :DD
It's remained a little little problem: is there a way to delete the auto-refresh on main page? I didnt' find the code about this thing.. I wanna maintain for upload, deny, unauthorized ecc.. but not from main page, how can i do?
(i will post my little fork if someone could need :) )

Hi, im using this really simple and complete template (i love its fastness and autoload of thumbnails <3).
I'm not good in HTML language (i used only C in my life) and i'm trying to understand how to do some little changes.
How can i add the "user changes his password from the site"-feature (like in the stock template, im using latest beta 2.4). And how can i add some text stuffs in homepage (i dont understand where i find sections on the tpl file). I will search alone how to edit html text, but i need to find where i ve to do my changes.
Thanks all for the help :D (and very gj with this template !!!)

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