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Custom IP Address For One Folder

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So I was trying to find a way to get one folder to have a different Port Number so if I purchase 3 different domains I can have them route to the same HFS.exe program but each of them could be different depending on the URL. Would this be possible. I have typed and example so if I am not making myself clear enough.

Three websites: Site1, Site2 and Site3
Three folders in HFS.exe: Folder1, Folder2 and Folder3

I want to link Site1 to Folder1 on the Port "80"
I want to link Site2 to Folder2 on the Port "8080"
I want to link Site3 to Folder3 on the Port "1337"

Is this passable to do without launching more than one HFS.exe program?

You have to run multiple version of HFS....
set one version of HFS up and copy it...
Files i try to keep and share can be found on my google drive: