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I have searched an searched - I didn't find an answer!

How can I get a LOGFILE of all things happened on HFS?

I want to know by date/time
when a person loggs in
how long the person is on
witch files did the person load up/down

also a statistic by files
the file xxx is down/up-loaded from ... date/time, IP-Adress

also statistic by person
the person xxx was on at date/time IP-Adress

Where can I find this?
who can help me please?
(excuse my bad english... )


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rightclick in the logwindow , then in the appearing menu select (log what) the events you want to log. Also define in (log to file) where you want and how you want named the log file(s).

The log in not more than a log: all events you want get registered. But getting statistics etc. is up to you with other programs.
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