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Let me first say if this is improper to start a new thread/child here, I understand. I did not see this anywhere over last few weeks of reading here. Please move it if so and TY for patience.  :>

Hello all , Noob to the forum but have tested the SW over the years for just hosting downloads for friends. Decided to use it for a purpose now full time. Let me ask a question or 2 please as am sure it will turn into more later :>

rejetto was kind enough to fix my account and asked for a link to this post when I have finished it so he could interject. I gave him a quick thought on this via email when my IP was blocked. Good guy! :>

Grab a coffee..

* The plan:-
I live in a a retirement complex with many, 48, elderly people. I would like to take an old windows machine, and fill it with old movies from the 30-50's, I have thousands, and have them stream to their phones/Pc's or devices via http.
Our gated community here has a crappy 13 channel tv network with zero chance of upgrades. Pathetic!! We have left our elders lonely.
Sadly I need this to be anonymous or could go to each and help them one by one. The powers that be dont wish them to do more that eat and watch TV. I intend to help them come back together somewhat by all means I have.

I would like to set this "site" up OFFLINE as a "captive portal" thru an old offline router that just redirects them to the portal/port of hfs. Have a box of old routers going to waste as well.
I can skip the router and use the built in wireless but its reach is sad and a router would be ideal. This is why chose captive portal instead.
note:-I have a Raspberry Pi mdl:1 b2 and am wondering if could use this as the "headend"/host for the PC as a sort of NAS via hfs? If thats a huge hassle, leave it alone and we move on. Any use of this would be great if can be incorporated.

* My thoughts on ways to achieve this-:
Idea being is the SSID will just say something like "FreeOldTimeMovies" and they connect and force a "captive portal" to open browser where their cell or pc/device will see the current stream playing via hfs.  I have not figure our a good SW for that yet but played with VLC and can make 2 good simultaneous streams. It might work. I also downloaded a few like obs, emby server, serviio and jellyfin.
I can stream to vlc FROM vlc but, browsers have no clue what to do with the http/rtp/udp ocelot other than download it. This is not an option really as almost all do not have the internet and would not be interested in in installing things nor the know how. I also borrow a hotspot when I can so try and make best of time online.

Once I get the browser to popup by captive portal method and HFS presents homepage, an icon/link/url that directs them to the port the video is streaming on is idea. Main functions of hfs, I am thinking, is other menus like a chat during video/stream and "next up" type things, weather scroll etc.. these are all for later and should not be hard to add as overlays via OBS or vlc.

I am not very proficient with HTML since comp/sci college back in late 80's but, I can do it if needs to be done. This would only be needed for the layout/.TPC that hfs uses. I think I can bungle my way thru that as have downloaded and read piles on it here already.. but am open to suggestions.
I will make a new menu daily of the 24 hours of video for that day. I have tested many 100% free OpenSRC software after days of reading and settled on emdb, libra, zeeb or most likely Media companion for the menus and movie metadata. Very cool for free. Support your local OpenSource indy Programmers!! :>

So, hope have I made myself clear enough.
1: An Open wifi ssid "join here for free cool movies" etc
2: Once connected, captive portal forces browser to open with no password but instead,
    a menu produced/generated and maintain thru hfs.
3: One Click "now playing" url and browser displays video stream(s) of choice. Chat window, weather etc later.
4: No extra downloads or software installs on their part.
   These folks are in 60-90 yr age range. 

Having a scroll with maybe weather and eventually a chatbox or similar where they all could talk while view the shows is later but important. It would be a huge moral boost for these men and women!!

*Problems for me unresolved-:
1:    Tested local and browser cannot handle the stream. stream to/from vlc works fine.
       Browser wants to use external program to view. -This might be something to do with me having windows
      "Internet information systems" FTP/web management etc disabled?
       Surely this can be done without more MS services running!? I am aware of the plugin for VLC for browsers
       but  VLC may not even be the best option to stream.
2:    Finding a WHOLE set of documentation for HFS to read offline with out doing a mirror of it local.
       My internet is dsl 1-2 mb and there is no fixing that.
       I CAN access it via buddy hotspot sporadically.

Ok all I appreciate any help and thoughts even if they are " you cant do it or that wont work like that". haha! Also, I do not have access to the Internet daily so I may not be able to respond real quickly. Yes.. I live in the sticks. This is rather long post as have said, net access is slim for me. I try make a list, download all forums info, read and test offline then make notes for next time net is available.
Great forum!! Hard to find folks anymore like i have seen help here. This was my determining factor in joining and making hfs my choice. I am very patient. Am sure this can be done and probably have made more out of it than needed. :-\ Much appreciation to those who help here and any who might assist me with this project. Cheers

I have read thru the forums for hours and have come to the conclusion..I need am going to need a hand with this. God Bless!:>

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