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Oh my... how could I miss this  :-[
And yes, I'm indeed currently working in China, I still need to get used to the internet rules here.

Thank you so much sir, problem solved, please have a good day.

I'm currently using Live-3.0.1 template on HFS 2.3m, HFS server setup on windows computer.

Everything is working fine except one thing:
whenever my friends and I try to connect to my server using MacBook over WiFi, the connect takes about 30s to 1minute for the page to load, but once the connection/loading is done, we can download anything very fast. If I click into any real folder, it will take ages to connect/load too.

Connecting using windows PC any browser is extremely fast, this issue only happens on laptops (we only have macbooks to test with) over WiFi.

I've tried using different templates (RAWR/Terayon/default template) which solves this issue instantly, any connection is instant and loading/downloading is also very fast.
Despite knowing changing a template can solve this issue, I still would like to stay with Live-3.0.1 because I can change flash player preview to HTML5 with Live, and also, it is awesome to customise.

Does anyone know which part of Live-3.0.1 is causing this issue and perhaps possible solutions?

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