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~logon folder redirection problem

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Just installed the 2.3 beta.
I am having a problem with the logon.  
I setup a user in the manager to have a certain folder to redirect to.
When the user tries to logon it seems to work.
the problem is that its not redirecting to thier folder.

So what you have is a situation where a user logs in and they just get
"cannot find this page"

Then they can go to
and it works just fine.
Any ideas?

Also while im asking...Does anyone know how to save user accounts incase you have to reload the program?
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Verify that your redirection paths end all by one /

It is as well possble as the options of the browser block  the redirection

use the syntax :   http://%host%/ before redirect path.

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Thanks for the advice it put me in the right direction.  
Turns out it was a sytax issue.  I was using:
\folder name\
instead just use
folder name\

Also putting in http://%host/  just resulted in the following
that doest work eather.

In summary the fix was just to take out the first \

Any thoughts though on how to save users?
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