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Hi all, how can I create a special page for which users whom I disabled will redirect to that page? If such features aren't present, I hope it will appear in future releases.

After login, if users account was disabled, user just can't enter to server via his login without any explanation.
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... don't see a good disable account feature for this..., but this is how you do a user login redirect:
(with out applying group level restrictions... the account when logged in can got to an address on that sever through that account...)

see picture(login redirected

Possible solution:
the only way i see a "disable" user feature for you is to create a group  called "disabled", and give none access to that group form root!

the same for "enabled" and give only account access to that group!

then your redirect page can be whatever, not allowing the user access to the server...

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truly disabled accounts just don't work.
as bmartino1 suggests, you can try to get the behavior you want by flagging accounts with groups.
One way is to have a group for enabled ones, and you give permissions to them.
Another is that you have a group for disabled ones, and with event scripts you detect any request from them and you try to redirect them. (i'm not sure it will work flawlessly)