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I've checked HFS source code, but cannot understand how vfs file "chunk" works, thus I have no idea to decompress a vfs file with external tool.
Maybe someone else can explain this to us... :D
Search on 'main.pas' for 'addVFSheader' and you will see HFS is using ZLIB compression.

I've tried to decompress a VFS, and had "partial" success, following this steps...

WARNING: If you follow the next instructions, ALWAYS backup all your files first! Don't blame me if you do something wrong, or if you lose or corrupt some file, or if this doesn't work. If you choose to follow this, do it at your OWN risk.

1) Download Offzip 0.4.1 from HERE (it's a command line utility for doing zlib decompression).

2) If you have a VFS named example.vfs run offzip with this:

Code: [Select]
offzip -a -z 31 example.vfs C:\
This will generate a dat file, like for example: C:\00000046.dat

3) Then using a HEX Editor, edit your '00000046.dat' and change paths.

4) Finally you reimport/compress your edited dat file on the vfs, with:

Code: [Select]
offzip -a -r -z 31 example.vfs C:\
5) Open HFS and load your edited VFS, and you will get a warning message:

"This file is corrupted (CRC). Going on may lead to problems. It is adviced to stop loading. Stop?"

6) Click on 'Yes' and see if it works or not. In my case, it failed. :'(

So, feel free to experiment using this tool, until you get the exact method to extract the data.

@Rejetto: adding an option to temporally save the VFS as an uncompressed file (without using ZLIB compression), could come handy in case some advanced user wants to externally edit the VFS. Or even better adding an option to blindly change drive paths in a VFS, for example, from C:\ to E:\ as this user is wanting. As always, my disclaimer: I don't need this (and I'm sure you won't like to overload HFS with options, so, do what you think is best). :)


HFS ~ HTTP File Server / Re: Is there a way to add login message?
« on: May 28, 2021, 05:12:43 AM »
This is easy... :)

1) Set HFS in 'Expert mode' (Press F5 to switch between modes)
2) Go to HFS's Menu > Other options > Login realm...
3) Write there the text you want, like:

Code: [Select]
This only applies to v2.3x versions, since in v2.4 the login system changed. Leave a reply if this has solved your question.


Hi Eddie, welcome to the forum. I wish I could have more time to help you, but I can give you some ideas.

If you want a easy solution, you could try to use some of these compatible routers with a custom firmware called PirateBox (which is a DIY anonymous offline file-sharing and communications system). The most interesting thing, is that you could use PirateBox for streaming media (as you can read here). Using this, you don't need to have a PC to stream your movies.

But if you want to use a PC with HFS, things are much more complex. For example, for a "captive portal" you will need to install a DNS server on your PC (like MaraDNS), to redirect any address to your HFS IP address, and then make your router use your local DNS's IP. You could find a MaraDNS tutorial, here.

For the HFS custom template, other users here could give you more guidance, but I guess it would be nice to have more information, about from 'which' kind of devices the other users would play these movies (are mobile phones? tablets? old android versions?). I ask this, because native video/ogg browser compatibility could be a problem when using very old Android devices (like v2.3 Gingerbread).

Summarizing, if I were you, I would first try PirateBox, to see if it fit your needs (to me, it seems that it would match exactly what you want: streaming movies, plus having a chat). If you don't like PirateBox, there are many related forks from that project.

Don't be afraid to ask, if you need more help from any of us here, and then please comment what solution have you chosen (for example, if PirateBox has worked good for you).


Bug reports / Re: Unable to archive/download all
« on: May 25, 2021, 04:46:03 AM »
Hi Kiego. I've haven't tested, but to copy 'locked' or 'in use' files, you could try Hobocopy or RawCopy. Here you will find a 'how-to' tutorial for Hobocopy, and more similar tools here. To call hobocopy from HFS, you will find macro exec usage here.

(Whoa this forum is really locked-down. First I wanted to just put a link to a GitHub Gist I created, not allowed. Then I tried to post the thing in code tags, too long. I can't even share the important part of the code in a code tag, because it thinks some part of it is and external link. And I can't even really upload it, just with a trick. Very well.)
@RedyAu: Hi!, don't let this security measures bring you down, or discourage you from contributing here. Welcome to the forum. :)

I've no idea why you couldn't post a link from github.  Perhaps it is a new-user hazing filter?
@danny: Yes, it's a forum security feature not allowing external links, in posts made by new users. This is done for the good of anyone here, to avoid spam. This measure doesn't check if the link is on GitHub or other trusted sources, but it directly denies publishing any external link (until the user gain some reputation). Besides that, it's always much better to attach files here than hosting on external links (since an external file can expire or be removed by external factors).

@newbie: The 'Library Pack' posted on this thread, was something I've done to simplify the compiling process, but there isn't an 'Official Pack' to download. You have to manually download the latest versions of each libraries (from each author's website), listed HERE. You can find more information about the switch to the new Delphi version, HERE (be sure to read the whole thread).

Summarizing, HFS is currently using these libraries:
  • OverByte's ICS v8.64 by François PIETTE
  • TRegExpr v0.952b by Andrey V. Sorokin
  • JEDI Code Library v2.7
  • Kryvich's Delphi Localizer v4.1
:-[ Sadly, I don't have any free time to update this package, neither to update this post with updated instructions for the new 'Delphi 10.3.3'. It's on my 'to-do list', but I don't have any estimation of when I will be able to complete this (but anyone is welcome to comment here which changes are needed to compile HFS with the new Delphi version).


Programmers corner / Re: can we restrict limit of storage access to user
« on: January 08, 2021, 08:30:14 AM »
We can understand you perfectly. :) You want this:

1) HFS check if there is available free space on disk before starting the upload.
2) Limit the available space to upload, depending which user is logged in.

All this can be done using macro (if I'm not mistaken). Please wait the help of some other forum user (expert on macros).

HFS ~ HTTP File Server / Re: Route HFS through VPN
« on: January 08, 2021, 08:22:53 AM »
;D WOW, this seems to be the perfect spam hole in the forum. The last five message on this thread contain a link (doing some kind of spam). I don't know if they are human or smart bots that talk something related to the topic to 'look like' a human being. It's an interesting phenom! (and I'm curious to know why those spam links are not removed). ???

HTML & templates / Re: ¿Cómo previsualizar íconos de .apk?
« on: January 08, 2021, 08:10:55 AM »
Hola, creo que no hace falta modificar nada la plantilla. HFS utiliza y lee directamente los mismos íconos de Windows, por lo que para lograr lo que buscas, primero tienes que hacer que Windows muestre esos íconos. No lo he probado, pero he encontrado una utilidad llamada 'ApkShellExt2', que hace que Windows muestre los íconos de las aplicaciones APK de Android. Pruébalo y luego nos cuentas si te solucionó el problema. Saludos! :)

HFS ~ HTTP File Server / Re: HFS and security of server
« on: January 08, 2021, 07:56:34 AM »
It could be a bot or someone just curious trying to download all your shared files. It's better if you disable that option (to save on bandwidth).

Like Rejetto once said, it's an option you can disable:

By default the root itself is set archivable.
Uncheck it.
right click on the main folder > properties > flags > archivable

The 'main folder' is the 'house' icon (root).
If you need more help to disable it, just say it.


HFS ~ HTTP File Server / Re: HFS and security of server
« on: January 05, 2021, 10:05:14 AM »
But now i ask about this - nobody can access files on the computer? I mean in HFS file system i don't have very important files, but it's possible to use HFS as a hole, to access other files on computer, not in HFS file system, or other unwanted actions?
Nobody can access other files on your computer, only the files you share on HFS. If you make "users" (inside HFS) to protect shared folders, your ISP (or someone on your LAN) can 'sniff' and read those "credentials", but nothing else. Using Stunnel protects the traffic of your shared files (and the login process of your users). If you share sensible files, it's better to encrypt your files first (using WinRAR or even better using 7-Zip). And it's always recommended to stay updated with the latest HFS version.

Nice to see an old user active on the forum.
Feel free to ask any question... :)

Hola, ¡y bienvenido al foro! :) al fin un colega de habla hispana. Intentaré ayudarte en lo que pueda. Comencemos...

Es necesario sustituir la dirección IP que está en el código ( por la IP que usa su servidor.
Primero, para que no sea necesario sustituir la dirección IP que está en el código, tendrías que cambiar por / (o por ./ para la carpeta actual), para que de esa forma detecte automáticamente la IP que usa el servidor. Por ejemplo, en esta parte (el texto en color rojo, se cambia por el texto en color verde):

<img src="">

...tendrías que cambiarla por:

<img src="./tpl/back.png">

...o en ésta otra:

function go_to_home() {

...tendrías que cambiarla por:

function go_to_home() {

Quiero incluir las siguientes: Crear carpeta, Renombrar archivo. He tratado de varias formas pero no funciona.
Esto se debe a que HFS verifica los permisos de escritura, antes de mostrar los botones (al menos es así en la plantilla original de la v2.3). Por ejemplo, tendrías que adaptar esto de la plantilla original para crear una nueva carpeta (dejo a continuación las partes relativas a la creación de la carpeta, para que las analices):

Code: [Select]
{.if|{.can mkdir.}|
<button id='newfolderBtn' onclick='ezprompt(this.innerHTML, {type:"text"}, function(s){
ajax("mkdir", {name:s});
    });'>{.!Nueva carpeta.}</button>

[ajax.mkdir|no log]
{.check session.}
{.break|if={.not|{.can mkdir.}.}|result=not authorized.}
{.set|x|{.force ansi|%folder%{.^x.}.}.}
{.add to log|User %user% created folder "{.^x.}".}

can mkdir=and|{.get|can upload.}|{.!option.newfolder.}


Lamentablemente por estos días no estoy teniendo mucho tiempo libre como para colaborar más en el foro (te ayudaría a hacer los cambios en tu plantilla, pero no dispongo de mucho tiempo). Aún así, estaré atento si necesitas algo más de ayuda (sólo pregunta que aquí estaré). :)


PD: Si necesitas crear una pregunta en inglés para que lo entiendan el resto de los usuarios, puedo ayudarte a traducir lo que necesites del español al inglés (eso en caso de que necesites ayuda con el idioma inglés). Aquí la mayoría de los usuarios del foro hablan en inglés (son muy pocos los de habla hispana). Por cierto, mi idioma nativo es el español (saludos desde Argentina).

» Edición/Edition @ 08-01-2021 05:04 AM:
Corregido un error de tipeo, gracias a dj.
Fixed a typo, thanks to dj.

P.S. I just suffered enough from these browsers, as well as other old-fashioned computer-related anti-humanity things existing around me.
I totally agree and understand your frustration. Since years, every big browser were fighting each other instead of collaborating on making a truly compatible web world (and Chrome is currently winning this battle since several years). Sadly, we are now seeing the consequences of those actions (consequences of having a Chrome monopoly, and Firefox it's the responsible of this). I've read here that some people suggests that Google should sell Chrome, but IMHO that's not the solution.

And from the end-users perspective, I think we are totally loosing this game, since the entirely web is going soon to be only compatible with Chrome. Someone can blame developers (to not make the web compatible), but behind this effort it's the entirely IT industry (namely, the "tech sector" or "tech industry").

Personally, I'm happy when I recommend "normal" users (like friends and family) an alternative browser, but lately it's harder and harder to find an alternative that work with most websites. But never feel alone, I'm sure there are several users on your same situation (including myself, since I still use old and not so-old computers and mobile devices). Anyone here is free to share his own experiences and leave a comment on which other browser works best, besides anything NOT based on the Chromium engine.


中文 - Chinese / Re: 国内 jQuery CDN 问题
« on: December 04, 2020, 06:08:44 AM »
不客气。。。 :)


LocalCDN 是一个分散的分支,包含了更多的 CDN 库,但仅适用于 Firefox。如果你想的话,请留下你的评论作为其他用户的参考(在你测试他们之后的几天内),关于哪些浏览器扩展更适合你(在中国)。


You welcome... :)

One more alternative: LocalCDN

LocalCDN is a fork of DecentralEyes, with some more CDN libraries included, but only for Firefox. If you want, please leave a comment as reference for other users (in a few days, after you test them) about what of those browser extension works better for you (in China).

@Offtopic: Is Google Translator the best translator English to Chinese? (Do you know any other that's more accurate?). I'm now using Baidu and it seems to be better.

中文 - Chinese / Re: 国内 jQuery CDN 问题
« on: December 03, 2020, 08:06:54 AM »

它是三个主要浏览器(Firefox,Chrome 和 Opera)的插件,可绕过 Google CDN 在本地加载这些文件(并会在由于某种原因而被 Google 阻止的情况下(例如在中国)启用全部功能)。

You can try

It's a plugin for the three major browsers (Firefox, Chrome, and Opera) that loads those files locally, bypassing Google CDNs (and would enable full functionality where Google for some reason is blocked, like in China).

(My chinese text, was translated by Google. Sorry if it was bad translated)

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