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Testing build #233

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download @

what's new
+ global variables [link]
+ new template macro: cookie, while
+ new events: server start, server stop
+ [section|private] to make the section not reachable by the browser [link]
+ {.length|var=xxx.}
- several memory leaks
- event [unauthorized] was not fired for login [link]

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This has already been sugested, but would it be possible to add a function to HFS to allow banned users (sometimes i have to ban them due to download manager bugs, not their fault) to access a certain directory as in "/template/" in the RAWR templates so that the template can still be viewed by them and not just a scrambled code with the reason for the ban?  :)


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BUG found, the root password does not work.

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bug report:

partial archive does'nt works,  all the folder is sending as tar file

I do'nt know if they are linked with 'the root password does not work'  but delete selected'  works not

Upload a file ->>> error ask to close the browser 'this upload will be interrupted