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Is there a way to integrate HFS into IIS.  I need the program to run on port 80 due to some issue with government clients not able to use a alternative port.
I already have a IIS running on port 80 however if I presume if I can publish it in IIS, I can run it on port 80 and direct clients via the request URL.

Maybe I'm getting it all wrong,any help would be appreciated.


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yes and no, hfs will not become a "plugin for iis, but you can redirect iis pages to hfs and vise versa, for example, iis on port 80, nad hfs on port 8080, a client conets to iis and clicks a link to the hfs, hfs is forward already  without port forwarrding...

I have tested hfs with iis and had some sucess, do to all the programing and redirects it came down to what program are you wanting to use to setup web traffice, ie have iis be the security login and redirect ot a already setup hfs webpage and host...

the answer is yes, but the hfs machine will need to be configured with redirect back and forth to the iis...
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let's say you have HFS on 81 and IIS on 80.
Since only 80 can work in your case, then you have to configure IIS as proxy. Sometimes it is called reverse proxy.
I know Apache can do it for sure, indeed i use it that way. I don't know IIS, sorry.