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HFS ~ HTTP File Server / Re:
« on: September 02, 2022, 02:46:26 AM »
Hello, the error message says (in Italian):

Impossibile eseguire questa app nel tuo PC
Per cercare una versione per il tu PC, contatta il distributore del software.

That message, in English, is:

This app can't run on your PC
To find the version for your PC, check with your software publisher.

Searching for a solution, I have found that this error "can occur when User Account Control (otherwise known as UAC) is disabled. Some users have said in support forums that re-enabling UAC fixed this issue for them. So, make sure UAC is enabled by following these steps: Open the Windows search text box, and type User Account Control there.". More info, HERE.

See if suggestions mentioned HERE helps you.

If you solve this, you could comment the solution here, as reference for other users, in case someone comes with a similar issue in the future. :)

Hope this helps,

I see that it is the exact suggestion from rejetto above
Your post is also very helpful and informative. :)

virtual folders do not have permission to perform uploads, only real folders mounted in the VFS have this possibility
This is new to me (but it makes sense, since 'virtual folders' are static resources).

If 'the IP address is not shown in the Apache server', then this issue could be related to your Cisco router, and HFS can't do anything to solve this. You could try to describe this problem (and ask for help), on the Cisco Community forum. Since HFS is not widely known, when describing your issue, my recommendation is only saying that you are using an 'Apache server'. I'm almost sure there must be some configuration on your router that is causing this. If you solve this, you could comment the solution here, as reference for other users, in case someone comes with a similar issue in the future. :)

If this happens when using 'virtual folders', then this could be either a bug or it was not implemented. I currently don't have free time to check the source code to see if this has an easy solution, sorry. :(

Everything else / Massive amounts of users registering accounts
« on: July 17, 2022, 12:05:31 PM »
Hi Rejetto, on the last 3 days, I've noticed (on different moments of the day), that there are many users registering accounts (most of them must be 'bots' and not real humans). I've noticed, seeing the 'Who's Online' page, that there are too many lines saying 'Registering for an account on the forum'. Although you could have a way to prune many of those inactive/fake accounts, I would like to report this to you, to see if you can do something to stop those bots (and avoid those bots overload the forum database with those fake registrations). Perhaps you already know this, but I'm commenting this just in case.

Take care, and I hope you are well (with those extremely hot temperatures, currently 37º on Rome). Here, on Argentina we are on winter, and currently have very low temperatures (only 3º on the morning). Have a nice Sunday...


@gogi1000: May I ask you some questions?

1) Is the external IP address (of users who download files) shown if you use the Apache server?

2) Are you running Apache along with HFS? (are you running both servers at the same time?)

3) What operating system are you using?

4) What is the exact brand and model of your router? (or hardware firewall)

If you answer the following questions, it would be much easier to help you (and perhaps we could find more info on how to configure your system).

I haven't tested, but Rejetto suggestion should work (since upload permissions are granted only to the subfolder).

If I'm not mistaken, the user is looking that parent's folder permissions not to be inherited to subfolders. He wants to have a public folder (with upload enabled), and a subfolder inside (of that public folder) without upload permission. Both folders without password. Perhaps this was not implemented, at least it's not automatic for subfolders when using real folders.

If you are using real folders, Rejetto's suggestion should work: since manually re-adding that specific subfolder (inside the main folder), should give you the option to configure permissions of the subfolder.

Another option is using virtual folders, where you have full control on any folder (in this case, it's not automatic, and you have to manually configure the upload permission of the subfolder).

Like Rejetto said, a screenshot of your HFS would be very helpful to guide you.

I don't like to sound like a 'bootlicker' of Rejetto, but I congratulate him, for his decision to keep the peace in this forum (not only this time, but over many years), and this time, for setting-aside (removing) discriminatory comments. This is what sets this forum apart of the rest: tolerance and respect for others.

» About my personal life (you don't need to read this, if you don't care): I'm Argentine, and for many years in many English-speaking forums I was discriminated for the simple fact of being Argentine (and for living in a country of the so-called 'third world'). That, added other bad experiences, like having suffered bullying at school when I was a kid, and then having several unrequited love for some women, led me to have (throughout all my life) a marked personality with a notorious inferiority complex and low self-esteem, from which I'm always trying to recover (and believe it or not, I'm not fat, neither bad looking). That's why I know firsthand how ugly it feels to be discriminated, for whatever reason. I always wanted to tell you this, but I never found the opportunity (sorry for being offtopic).

Back to this thread, I'm not defending anyone, but just saying that discrimination harms people (it hurts), and should always be avoided at all costs (and the best is to keep a conversation as technical as possible, when for example someone reports that some code or script is not working as expected or has some unwanted effect).

Have a nice Sunday people, enjoy the weekend. :)

I'm not defending Naitlee, but I bet this was caused by using Python as 'middleware' server, since you can't trust ANY modern platform nowadays (like Python, Nodejs, React, etc). I'm almost sure Python 'phones-home' your server's IP, and then you get all those unknown attacks (from hackers or some intelligence companies that try to break in your PC). This is a new normal behavior of many modern software (just because most people don't know or care about privacy anymore). The same goes with Windows 10 (which is a BIG security risk, unless you disable all the privacy vulnerabilities that come enabled by default).

Offtopic: On my personal side (not related to this issue), since I'm tired of all those crazy things, I prefer to use old software with old hardware, than using anything modern (for example: an old device with a hardware firewall, along with an old operating system which has a firewall software, adding another layer of security). I haven't tested, but Naitlee's Python script looks clean (at least after doing a fast review), but Python could be the security risk by itself. You can never be paranoid enough in this world...

Marvin was right: "How many times have I told you? They switch the flip and you're done". ;D

» See here:

@NaitLee: I've read your comment on the other thread, and please don't feel offended (do what you want, but don't leave the forum just for this). Since you are young, you should know that those situations happens from time to time. Some years ago, a user named 'Danny', freaked out because something similar happened to him, but then he find out that he was mistaken, and everything was solved. Running an internet server is not for everyone (it's not a easy task as it seems), at least unless you know the inherited risks of having a PC open to the internet. Peace to everyone... :)


HFS ~ HTTP File Server / Re: how to inline images in folder view
« on: April 17, 2022, 03:24:25 AM »
what the heck? i have hfs on different computers, both are 2.3m, but on the first computer the generic image thumbnail is /~img43 and on the 2nd computer the image thumbnail is /~img42  , what gives?   idk how it happened, but that breaks my "#files img[src*='img42']" selector "on some computers" ???
Rejetto could give you a much better answer than mine, but AFAIK this is a normal behavior, since thumbnail icons are automatically generated by HFS (following a numerical order), based on the registered file extensions found on a Windows system. For example, on one Windows computer, you could have installed VideoLAN (VLC), which registers *.webm file extension (along with other file formats), and on another Windows perhaps you don't have VLC installed (or another software that associates a file extension with an existing application). It's hard to explain, but that should be the reason of the numerical change of order on the image thumbnails, from /~img42 to /~img43. Someone please correct me if I'm mistaken.

By the way, I'm happy to see someone still using HFS2. :)

Bug reports / Re: The video won't play on the iPhone iOs 15.0!
« on: January 21, 2022, 03:58:16 AM »
I would like to help you, so let's try from another point of view:

1) What error your iPhone 15 is giving you? (you say video 'it won't start', but more details are appreciated). If video displays only a black screen, you could try disabling 'GPU Process: Media', following this instructions HERE. But before doing any changes on your iPhone configuration, it would be great if you could upload here (on the forum) the logs of your video player. Check HERE to get instructions on how to get the logs, or see here: How do I view Safari log on iPhone?

2) What app are you using to play the videos? (native Safari player?)

3) Could you (temporary) try running HFS on standard port 80? instead of using port 32365 (perhaps your iOS player doesn't like playing videos on non-standard ports)

4) How about adding this (in your events file):
Code: [Select]
{.add header|Connection: keep-alive.}
{.add header|Keep-Alive: timeout=60.}

Your iPhone should give you some clue of why don't like to play the video... :-\

Bug reports / Re: The video won't play on the iPhone iOs 15.0!
« on: January 20, 2022, 02:25:25 AM »
Hi! :) If only one video doesn't play, it could be the encoding of that video that is not supported by your iPhone (in that case, you could try using another video player for your iOS). Another thing to check: be sure to use the correct MIME types for serving video files, going to HFS > Menu > Other options > MIME types... add in file mask: "*.mp4" and in MIME Description: "video/mp4" (all without quotes).

Bug reports / Re: Possible vulnerability
« on: January 14, 2022, 01:28:24 AM »
Can we confirm there is no vulnerability in 2.3m?
There are no known vulnerabilities in v2.3, but anyway, for extra peace of mind it's better to block those requests. Mars had provided a solution (some weeks ago), but then he changed his mind and deleted his post. This was his message:

Quote from: mars
Adding an event in

{.if|{.any macro marker|%url%.}{.count substring|createobject|{.lower |%url%.}.}|{:{.disconnect|%ip%.}:}.}

(I'm wondering why Mars would delete his post)

Stripes 4.6
What happened with...
* Stripes4.6c_Black_for_HFS2.3.tpl (14.57 kB - downloaded 232 times.)
* Stripes4.6c_Black_for_HFS2.4RC.tpl (17.13 kB - downloaded 228 times.)

Were they buggy? (why you removed them?)

HFS ~ HTTP File Server / Re: Add "Real Folder" by Commandline
« on: January 06, 2022, 05:26:46 AM »
Hi, welcome to the forum...

For some reason when I try to add a real folder it only lets me add C:\ and I cannot add any subdirectories.
Be sure to run HFS with admin rights, and better install HFS directly it on a folder on C:\ (not inside 'Program Files', 'Documents and Settings', 'Windows', or any other protected/restricted folder). Perhaps that fixes your issue.

Is there an actual command or .ini parameter to add real folder E:\add\this\folder
As far I know, it's not possible. It doesn't exists a .ini parameter to directly share folders.

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