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You guys all  screw around here with stuff like i need this, i need that, etc. What you haven't all realised, especially rejetto himself is that the messenger (which i will never change to anything else) is better when there is a way to make plugins. Look at miranda. No one is asking you to make the project open source, but there are at least two things you can do about making it better.

1. Make good plugin support, like in miranda, so it will not be a life time challenge to make a rat-compatible plugin. This in my opinion is more important than file transfer. Apparently, i bet there will be someone to make a file transfer plugin if it would be easy enough

2. Ask for help. You will not be able to make a client ready to take on the world of istant messaging all by yourself. Ask people to help you with stuff, etc

Too bad there's nothing in coding that i can do, though if you need any shareware libraries, etc, tell me and you I will get whatever you want.


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1. i would be happy to get advices about the plugin API

2. sometimes i asked for help on specific issues here on the forum, but i guess it is not the best way to do it