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If it is very difficult to make the Japanese support?
Please, it would be great! But now I need constantly swith between ICQ and &RQ - it's not handly
hope to understand...
thank you, in advance

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i don't know what you need for japanese
you should try to describe your problems


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i would like to be able to write in japanese in &rq....  at least one of japanese  code pages... windows has japanese support and in such applications like MS Office i can type hieroglyphs and "kana" "(japanese alphabet)(japanese has mixed writing style - hieroglyphs and alphabets syllables)... in silly ICQ can type the same too...
there is a special typing method to input japanese words in japanese (not by latin transcription) - while the word is been typing computer selects hieroglyphs combination and i can select it too untill press "enter" but after "enter" i can only to delete typed word...
and i can see japanese letters ("kana" and hieroglyphs) only untill pressing "enter", after that i can see just a "??? ???????? ?? ?????? ??" and so on....
(it's in my dialog window, untill sending)

and one more problem... it happens that i'm talking with somebody who is off-line about few munites already, but i see his on-line status and all my messages is sending silently and without any reply.... and a few minuter later i finally find out that all what i had sent is hopelessly missing....


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i think you need unicode support? although i dont really know if &rq supports it in its messages, but it should be enough?


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Quote from: "Idziwaru"
i can see japanese letters ("kana" and hieroglyphs) only untill pressing "enter", after that i can see just a "??? ???????? ?? ?????? ??"

I don't write in japanese, but I have the same problem... :sick:

Sometimes I like tu use "special" characters to make smiles, like this: ¦-)
(closed eyes, smiling)
...and when I send a message with those characters, they appear as "?"

I think Unicode support would help. :^^: