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Discuss about the Virtual File System technique?

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I'm just trying to implement a virtual file system (vfs) thing in Python, but cannot figure out the technique to do.
HFS source code is a bit long and I failed to discover the actual way.

Please, help me imagine a method to complete it :)
Any spoken thing is fine :D
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It looks like an expansion of the typical feature of web and ftp servers--the ability to set webroot to a real folder (folder is C:\web (example) but link is /).  The values are stored in web server's data file.  HFS has this, except more capacity to store more links. 

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I'm suggesting a new format for VFS.
A JSON config file and all icons as separate files inside zip archive.
It will be easy to look and modify.

I've made an export into this format (i've called *.VFSJZ) so you can look at it.

Loading is the next thing...
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