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HFS ~ HTTP File Server / Time to say goodbye
« on: August 24, 2020, 08:11:23 PM »
I have used HFS over a number of years and it's served me well, allowing myself and family to download home movies etc.
Now the time has come to say thank you and goodbye.  :'(
Why you ask. In one word, JELLYFIN  8)
It's a media solution that floats my boat.
I won't attempt to explain, I'll leave it to...
I may come back for HFS, who knows. TWT.
Ciao  :-*

HFS ~ HTTP File Server / Update and Self Test not working
« on: June 22, 2019, 12:31:22 AM »
Not sure what's going on. Manual and Auto Update search says Network Error, Request failed. This has been working perfectly since 2.3m came out. Might be coincidental with latest Win10 update. Firewall and router checked. External access to Server function works. What port does Update search use? Also Self Test says test is unavailable at the moment.

Hello Rejetto.
Any chance of having the options to place the Account creation/maintenance Icon and others on the menu bar, where the Menu, Port Icons are?
Also just a passing thought, and based on my preference, the menu selection "account restrictions" causes me confusion. Could not the title be changed to "account permissions", that way, the word permission is more allied to the ticks. The word "restrictions" tends to clash with the ticks, if you see what I am getting at.

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