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selecting multiple users for "restrict access" v2.2 build 155

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hey guys, sorry to bring this up, but i'm using build 155 (2.2) because it is the latest stable build and i can't risk using any betas for this project until 2.3 is gold (it's for security and stability reasons for a client).  anyway, is there a way that when i am setting "restrict access" for folders, i can select multiple users at a time in the drop-down list that 2.2 provides?  i tried SHIFT and CTRL with arrow keys but no luck.  please tell me there is a way to do it because i would hate to have to set all of the access permissions one-at-a-time.  thanks!

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i'm sorry mate.
but you can try this: run 2.3, do the job, save, and restart with 2.2