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Bug reports / Can't upload on Lubuntu/Pi/WINE
« on: May 29, 2016, 10:05:18 PM »
Okay guys,

I don't even know where to post this because I can't even figure out what board to put it on, so I'll just drop it here for now, and if rejetto wants to move it, that's cool. 

Anyway, long story short, I am DONE with Micro$oft.  >:( Unfortunately, the rest of the world isn't.  That said, I want to keep using HFS (thank you, Great Alexandre Julliard for your fine WINE) on my new Lubuntu system, but uploads just plain don't work.   :(


Installed WINE and HFS on Raspberry Pi running Raspbian Jessie.  A little slow, but it worked...I thought...until uploads didn't take...not good.  Figured it was because WINE is a little wobbly on the Pi, so I repurposed it and broke out an old netbook I had sitting around.

Installed Lubuntu 16.04 on netbook with WINE and HFS...still can't upload! Basically, what happens on both the Pi and the netbook is that I put files in the shared folder in HFS and go to another system, pull up the page and click any file and...BAM!...Download complete, no problem.   ;D

But when I try to upload a file from that same system, I get "Loading..." in Firefox, then "The connection was reset" page with no upload attempt.  A few times i got a couple of meg transferred before the page reset with files being transferred in pieces (filename (01).ext, filename (02).ext, filename (03).ext, etc...)   :o

Keep in mind, I am not using this outside local lan yet because I want to test and make sure all is well.  On the Windoze boxes I had HFS installed on, I've never had a problem.  Firewall was configured correctly for outside and, obviously, inside needed no exceptions made.  Firewall was disabled on Pi and is disabled on Lubuntu, so that should all be fine.  I set drives for read/write under Raspbian and Lubuntu.  Drives are accessible no problem locally or over network from file manager or CLI.  Wine version on Raspbian was 1.6 and Lubuntu is running 1.8.  I even installed Samba thinking maybe that had something to do with it...nada.  System that I am uploading from and downloading to is one month old Ubuntu 16.04 box, not that it should matter...

Sorry to be a pain about this guys, but I just can't figure this out.  :-[ I've become completely disgusted with Micro$oft and I am seriously just done.  The problem is, because of Windows and its B.S. limitations, I have to be able to use something for work that it understands, and my easiest options are HFS or FTP.  After I get this running right, I have to figure out how to teach an entire office full of people how to use Ubuntu before Jan. 2020 when Win7 goes bye-bye.  Most of these people don't even know what Linux is, so I've got my work cut out for me.   :o

The biggest problem is, I have to be able to use something that is accessible from anywhere using any platform, but doesn't require the configuration of special services, shared drives, programs, and the like.  Linux to problem! A hundred choices...WebDAV, SSH, SFTP, anything.  Windoze to anything without installing 3rd party or configuring Windows Explorer with a network drive of some sort...FTP from CLI and HFS from browser and that's IT!  >:( I just don't understand what the problem is and I hope you guys can help me out on this.  Thanks in advance.   :)

P.S. Rejetto, I don't know if it is a WINE thing or Ubuntu/Lubuntu thing, but HFS works awesome on straight Windows.  If there was any way that you could make a Linux version, I think that would possibly help a lot...unless I'm just a damn fool who just doesn't know what I'm doing and missed a stupid noob step somewhere.  :P Let me know and thanks again!  :)

Bug reports / edit vfs
« on: October 03, 2013, 06:28:44 PM »
hey all,

running 2.3 beta 274 and i'm running into a problem.  right now, i'm using hfs for a company i'm working with.  they have files available for their clients to access, but every client has their own folder.  there are almost 1000 clients...

i'm right in the middle of upgrading the whole company to windows 7 (because 8 is beyond horrible.)  the location of the shared folders is changing because of the new network setup, and i REALLY don't want to have to right-click on 1000 folders (all real, no virtual) to change the location of where the client-accessable data is stored (edit resource function.) 

is there a way that i could edit the hfs.vfs file easily to do a find-and-replace of all of all of the folder locations to change them at once to the new setup?  BTW, i have absolutely NO programming experience, so it would have to be something that could be a script or a way to convert the file to text to be able to open in notepad or something, then convert back when done. 

i dreaded the day when i got hfs up and running for them and found out at THAT time that i had to convert the almost 700 clients that they had then to base64 to input them into the ini file.  thankfully, i found some scripts (after scouring the net for DAYS) that did batch conversions for text to base64, and that helped everything incredibly well.  it also helped that the ini file was in plaintext. 

but now, because of this upgrade, i am faced with this new problem and the vfs file is not so easily workable as the ini is.  if anyone can help me with this, that would be so freaking awesome. 

thanks a lot everyone! everyone here is great. and hfs is the freakin pimp!  kick-ass work rejetto! keep it up, man!

HFS ~ HTTP File Server / no more upload window?
« on: November 01, 2010, 03:01:34 PM »
maybe i missed something, but there is no more status window or status frame when uploading.  just an observation when i was switching back-and-fourth between 155 and 271.  not necessary, but kind of a nice feature to have...unless i just screwed something up again... :)

HFS ~ HTTP File Server / redirect not working properly
« on: October 19, 2010, 09:35:10 PM »
(build 271) -- i've noticed that when you leave all of the parent folders open (inherited) and a child folder has a permission on it, the redirect works fine on login, but if you restrict access from root (so that user is required to login just to GET TO hfs), even if the bottom-most child folder has access all of the way from root down, it does not redirect properly, it just opens to root.  this is also true if you restrict access to ANY of the folders from root down to the bottom-most child folder, even if that user has been given permission in ANY or ALL of the parent folders between the bottom-most and root.

hey guys, sorry to bring this up, but i'm using build 155 (2.2) because it is the latest stable build and i can't risk using any betas for this project until 2.3 is gold (it's for security and stability reasons for a client).  anyway, is there a way that when i am setting "restrict access" for folders, i can select multiple users at a time in the drop-down list that 2.2 provides?  i tried SHIFT and CTRL with arrow keys but no luck.  please tell me there is a way to do it because i would hate to have to set all of the access permissions one-at-a-time.  thanks!

Bug reports / 266 crashing
« on: August 27, 2010, 12:08:52 AM »
i tried to copy and paste ONLY the accounts list from the .ini from 155 to 266 and after i saved and restarted HFS, it crashed after about 5 seconds.  what did i do wrong this time? 

HFS ~ HTTP File Server / inheritable upload permissions
« on: August 23, 2010, 04:23:45 PM »
how can i set upload permissions for only one user, but for the parent folder so that only THAT user and NO OTHERS can login, and be able to upload to the parent folder and any of the child folders?  so, basically, i just have to give upload rights to one user on the parent folder, but then ANY folder (the parent folder or ANY child folder) that the user is in, the child folders have the inherited upload permission, also.  essentially, inherited permissions.  Thanks! :)

HFS ~ HTTP File Server / non-scrolling list
« on: August 23, 2010, 03:51:21 PM »
when assigning folder permissions to several users, is there any way to have the list come up in columns (like Start --> All Programs in XP) instead of just having one long, single-column, scrolling list?

HFS ~ HTTP File Server / new users
« on: July 27, 2010, 02:53:54 PM »
OK, first of all, I think HFS is one of the BEST programs that I have seen in my life! It's much friendlier than using FTP and the options provided for such a small executable are amazing!  However, my problem is that I am setting this up for a number of new users and scripting is something that I never really got into.  

I just need 2 VERY small scripts that will 1) move a bunch of real folders and user accounts already created to another folder on the hard drive AND
2) a script that will allow me to (one-at-a-time is fine) create new users, set their passwords, create the folder on the hard drive and associate it with the new user as a real folder, and allow downloads ONLY for the account just created, and provide uploads AND downloads ONLY for the admin as I am creating them.  

If it is possible to write a script that will give upload AND download rights ONLY to the admin for ALL of the existing folders after everything else is done, that would be fine, too.  

Sorry to be a pain about this, but it seems like the only viable solution for what I am doing as every user needs to access ONLY their folder (and ONLY for downloads) and NOBODY else's, but the admin has to be able to upload and download to EVERYBODY'S folder and NOBODY else can access the admin's account.  I understand that this would probably be a very simple thing to do using scripting instead of the gui.  

I have already inputed over 100 users using the gui because I didn't know how to script and I can't tell you how many hours it took.  Having a script that could do this, even if I had to input each one one-at-a-time would be better than creating folders in XP, creating users and thier passwords one-at-a-time in the gui, and then going back through the gui to associate them all and only using the browse folder, and then, when I am finished, going to each one and setting the download permissions for each and then setting  the upload AND download permissions for the admin.  

If anybody can help, I would GREATLY appreciate it!  My job is riding on this and I didn't think that it would be this involved when I started.  They just kind of dropped on me what the magnitude of this whole thing was going to be after I started.  Much thanks to anybody that can help me with this little problem!

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