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borrowing links from me.

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lets say i have a file on my webpage.
then another guy finds that and just copy the link to my file and put's it on his webpage.
so its downloaded from my server but it look's like its coming from his page.

is there anyway to stop this.

like a checkup is done is the user that is trying to download my file on my page or is he on another page.

hope you understand what i mean.

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Just put a copyright on whatever file it is and if you know somebody's copying it, tell them they have to get it off or you will take legal action . . .

If it's an image you're talking about you could put a watermark on it or try this:

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you should be able to work out your problem by using
menu > limits > allowed referrer

When people click on the link, the address of the page is normally provided to HFS, so you can ask HFS to refuse addresses that are not yours.
Maybe you'll need to add a final * to the string.