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HFS won't work on know good forwarded ports

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I have D-Link router and port forwarding on uTorrent and eMule working fine.  I gave HFS it's own port at 19125 (TCP) and the self test fails.  I shut down uTorrent and eMule and tried both of their TCP and UDP ports but no luck

I tried port 7000, 9000, 9080, 1080, 8000, 9000, 19000 and 1000 and all failed.  Finally I got success on ports 80 and 8080.  I don't think my ISP blocks 80 and 8080 but if they do I'm out of luck.

I went into Online Armor firewall and confirmed that these ports were opened for incoming packets.  Since I set HFS to trusted program it automatically opened them.

I'm using version 2.2f.... any idea what is wrong?


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Thankyou for letting guests post and not making me sign up for my 300th forum account!!!

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sorry for the late reply.
the self test is not working good lately, i still have to understand why.
in the while, you'd better try yourself if your hfs is working.


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Yeah, I'm also getting a failure message during self test, but I'm almost certain the port is forwarded correctly and open.

I guess I'll just set it up and see if it works later.


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