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How does the search function work within RAWR template; has there an index to be made????
Only thing search now does is go to index.htm in root server.

Thanks for help.

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search feature of HFS doesn't need an index.
It is slow indeed :)

try posting a screenshot of your problem


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Whenever I do a search the server sends me to the root of the server,
without showing any results of the search.

HFS log:
23-9-2012 16:35:36 Requested GET /?search=jim+reeves
23-9-2012 16:35:36 Sent 22336 bytes
23-9-2012 16:35:37 Got 622 bytes
23-9-2012 16:35:37 Disconnected by server - 23052 bytes sent

I've made a htm file in the root to go back to where you came from.
Use HFS Server for content behind a login with password.

Part of the index.htm in the root of the server:
<p align="center"><strong>Http File Server</strong></p>
<p align="center"><strong><em># Ga een pagina terug voor mapinhoud # </em></strong></p>
<br><p align="center"><a href="#" onclick="javascript:location.href=document.referrer;">Vorige pagina</a></br>