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Pls Help _ How to add google adsense in template?

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I add my google adsense code in HFS.tpl (in this case is terayon V1.3.4.tpl)
But ADS don't show.

This is my terayon V1.3.4.tpl

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Hello There,

Google Adsense will only show ads on websites with actual domain names like,, however sub domain names like or even IP Address are not excepted.

Before ads can show up on your website google adsense has to verify the websites domain name by you placing the ad html code in your website html code, however google requires you to submit your website domain name so it can scan the website for the code, furthermore your website has to also be constantly running and it appears that your website is currently offline.

These are the reasons why ads are not showing because there is no way google can verify without a submitted link.

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you may need to submit your site to google:

Submit to Search Engines

As we've already mentioned, submitting isn't really necessary, but most search engines offer the option to submit your site. Here are the main URLs:
 (in about 1 day, your site will be on google -- may not have keywords and fast seach but will be there....)  Google - powers AOL, Netscape etc. >

(Add to bing)....
Yahoo (Free Registration Required) - powers AltaVista, AllTheWeb etc. >
Files i try to keep and share can be found on my google drive: