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HFS 3: join us!

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If you are wondering why i started this project, then first read this introduction and also have an idea of the architecture.

Ok, you got some time and will, and want to contribute, and you are asking how?
You can make or improve the software, or you can just contribute by helping us making the right choices.
I'll try to make this topic a sort of hub. It's just a stub at this stage, i will add things from time to time.

Some tasks require programming skills, some don't.
What is mostly required to start is to install HFS 3.
Once you are done pick the thing you like most in the list below.

Most cases you will need to have at least the latest published version.
To be sure just run "npm update" where you first ran "npm install hfs".
If you are going to modify (instead of adding new) project's files, then it may be a good idea to sync with the GIT repository.


Single tasks must not be discussed in this topic, but in their specific topics. This is just a collector.


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