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Make simple login page for ToG v4.0.3 suggestions...

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Hi all I created a simple login page for tog 4.0.3 template in html file, I put this under the root of hfs, when load this "index.html" and click the "login" link this opens a folder called "Server" (under password) that contains the list of files and folders..
I did some testing and it works fine.. I post the code..

tell me if there are any errors or can be optimized

  <title>HFS - Agostino FileServer - LOGIN</title>

<body bgcolor="#ECF0F6">

  <table bgcolor="#003366" bordercolor="#336699" cellspacing="1"
  cellpadding="10" width="50%" align="center" border="2">
        <div align="center">
          <h1><font color="#ECF0F6">Agostino FileServer</font></h1>

          <h3><font color=
          "#ECF0F6"></font></h3><font color=
          "#ECF0F6"><img src=

          <h4><font color="#ECF0F6"><a href=
          "/Server">LOGIN</a></font></h4><font color="#ECF0F6"><br>
          <img src="/~img_graph320x80xx003366x004480"></font>

  <div align="center">
    <h6><font color="#003366">HomeServer Powered By Agostino

thanks in advance :)
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